The Smithsonian Institution's 20th annual Festival of American Folklife opens today with this year's themes of "American Trial Lawyers," "Tennessee," "Japan: Rice in Japanese Folk Culture" and "Cultural Conservation: Traditional Crafts in a Post-Industrial Age."

The festival runs through Sunday and continues July 2 through 6. Admission-free events are scheduled from 11 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. daily, with nightly dance parties from 5:30 to 7 p.m. A series of documentary films on traditional crafts in the United States and Japan will be shown daily, 1 to 3 p.m., in the National Museum of Natural History's Baird Auditorium.

Festival activities take place on the Mall between 10th and 14th streets NW.

In addition to the regularly scheduled musical presentations and lectures, the festival features a variety of traditional food and crafts as well as demonstrations, including Hispanic weaving, Hmong needlework, Cherokee basket-making and ritual rice-planting.

For further information, call 357-2700.

Today's festival highlights include:


11 -- Taiko Drum Workshop (Taiko Drum Stage). -- Foodways -- Japan Program (Ongoing Presentations). -- Bon Festival Dance (Activities Stage). -- Temari: Hand Woven Balls (Craft Area). -- Opening Ceremonies (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3). -- Min'yo Folk Music (Shrine Stage). -- Ongoing Craft Demonstrations (Discussion Area). -- Opening Ceremony (20th-Anniversary Music Stage).

11:45 -- Frazier Moss Band (Tennessee Music Stage No. 1). -- Fieldstones (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3).

11:50 -- American Trial Lawyers Program: Direct & Cross Exam (in front of NMAH).

Noon -- Tabayashi: Rice Planting (Rice Paddy). -- Sakadaru: Wine Cask (Craft Demonstrations). -- Traditional Games & Songs (Activities Stage). -- Origami: Paper Folding (Craft Area). -- Min'yo Folk Music (Shrine Stage). -- Irish Tradition (20th-Anniversary Music Stage). -- Zuni Olla Maidens (Discussion Area).

12:30 -- Kami Ningyo: Paper Dolls (Craft Area). -- Jessie Mae Hemphill (Tennessee Music Stage No. 1). -- Original Sun Rhythm Band (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3). -- Kirbo & Neely (20th-Anniversary Music Stage). -- Conserving American Indian Crafts (Discussion Area).

12:40 -- American Trial Lawyers Program: Opening Statement (in front of NMAH).

1 -- Bon Festival Dance (Activities Stage). -- Kagura: Masked Dance Drama (Shrine Stage). -- The Lopez Family: Woodcarvers (Discussion Area).

1:15 -- Temari (Craft Area). -- Roy Hicks, Red Rector (Tennessee Music Stage No. 1). -- Roan Mountain Hilltoppers (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3). -- Fairfield Four (20th-Anniversary Music Stage).

1:30 -- American Trial Lawyers Program: War Stories & Lore (in front of NMAH).

1:40 -- Storytelling (Tennessee Talk Stage No. 2).

1:45 -- Hmong Crafts (Discussion Area).

2 -- Taiko (Taiko Drum Stage). -- Traditional Games & Songs (Activities Stage). -- Origami (Craft Area). -- Roy Harper (Tennessee Music Stage No. 1). -- Armstrong, Bogan & Armstrong (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3). -- Beausoleil (20th-Anniversary Music Stage).

2:10 -- American Trial Lawyers Program: Direct & Cross Exam (in front of NMAH).

2:15 -- Waraningyo: Rice-Straw Effigy (Craft Demonstrations). -- Min'yo Folk Music (Shrine Stage).

2:20 -- Fishing, Turtle Trapping & Fish Cookery (Tennessee Talk Stage No. 2).

2:30 -- McCrobies: Basketmakers (Discussion Area).

2:45 -- Kami Ningyo (Craft Area). -- Ralph Blizard, Will Keys, Phil Jamison (Tennessee Music Stage No. 1). -- Hemphill Singers (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3). -- Irish Tradition (20th-Anniversary Music Stage).

3 -- Tennessee Regions (Tennessee Talk Stage No. 2). -- Bon Festival Dance (Activities Stage). -- Southern Pottery (Discussion Area). -- American Trial Lawyers Program: Closing Argument (in front of NMAH).

3:30 -- Tabayashi (Rice Paddy). -- Temari (Craft Area). -- Min'yo Folk Music (Shrine Stage). -- The Straightway Singers (Tennessee Music Stage No. 1). -- Frazier Moss Band (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3). -- John & James Jackson (20th-Anniversary Music Stage).

3:40 -- Folk Medicine (Tennessee Talk Stage No. 2).

3:45 -- Zuni Olla Maidens (Discussion Area).

4 -- Traditional Song & Games (Activities Stage). -- American Trial Lawyers Program: War Stories & Lore (in front of NMAH).

4:15 -- Origami (Craft Area). -- Waynell Jones & Bud Garrett (Tennessee Music Stage No. 1). -- Duck Creek Quartet (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3). -- Brownie Ford (20th-Anniversary Music Stage). -- Cherokee Basketry (Discussion Area).

4:20 -- Woodcrafts, Cooperage, Broom Making, Chair Making (Tennessee Talk Stage No. 2).

4:30 -- Somemono: Dyeing (Craft Demonstrations). -- Taiko (Taiko Drum Workshop).

4:40 -- American Trial Lawyers Program: Direct & Cross Exam (in front of NMAH).

4:45 -- Kagura (Shrine Stage).-- Beausoleil (20th-Anniversary Music Stage).

5 -- Kami Ningyo (Craft Area). -- Ray Brown, Bob Douglas & Ed Brown (Tennessee Music Stage No. 1). -- Barbecue (Tennessee Talk Stage No. 2). -- Booker T. Laury (Tennessee Music Stage No. 3). -- Stone Carvers (Discussion Area).

5:30 -- El Huracan del Valle (20th-Anniversary Music Stage).