Well, you know what happens when a country boy goes to the big, bad city. When his parents' marriage breaks up, Daryl Cage (Anthony Michael Hall) decides to visit his brother in Los Angeles. There's a mix-up in baggage at the airport, and when Daryl wakes up, he finds that his duffel contains 10 kilos of heroin, and his brother and his wife are dead.

What follows is a 100-minute chase sequence masquerading as a movie, with everyone chasing Daryl. Gaddis (Jeff Kober) wants his heroin back. Two rogue DEA agents want the heroin, too. The cops want all of the above.

Some of the chases are photographed well, but director Richard Tuggle doesn't seem to understand how the ceaselessness of the action (and Stewart Copeland's pounding sound track) cheapens even his best effects. After the umpteenth car crash and the umpty-umpth explosion, you feel as though you're watching a greatest hits reel from "The A-Team."

"Out of Bounds" is full of specious local color, all of which gives you the idea that nobody in L.A. does anything besides go to nightclubs, and the story is littered with improbabilities. Jenny Wright makes a nice debut as a nutty waitress who befriends Daryl, and Kober is chilling as the drug dealer. With his chiseled good looks, he makes you think of a football captain gone wrong, something Tuggle might have done a lot more with.

Hall, on the other hand, sleepwalks through "Out of Bounds" with his usual slightly dazed, slightly supercilious expression. Given his material, you can understand the supercilious part.

Out of Bounds, at area theaters, is rated R and contains graphic violence and profanity.