Those who can't wait to see Dom DeLuise in drag (and I know you're out there) should hurry off to see "Haunted Honeymoon," where said spectacle is on display.

The gown, presumably, is by Christo.

DeLuise plays the aunt of Larry (Gene Wilder), a radio star plagued by irrational fears.

On the weekend of his wedding to his costar, Vickie (Gilda Radner), Larry becomes the subject of a plot by his uncle Paul, a psychiatrist (Paul L. Smith).

Paul says he just wants to scare Larry to death, as a cure for his phobias, but he really wants to kill him so that he can take his place in Auntie's will.

The cast is, if nothing else, the most physically unattractive in recent memory, including Radner, who draws scant advantage from a backless gown, the dewlapped DeLuise, and Wilder, whose nose appears to be fleeing from the rest of his face, and with good reason.

Wilder also directed "Haunted Honeymoon," in a style that is a dull parody of old movies, and cowrote it, in a style that is a dull parody of writing generally: "Can I have your name please?" "Is he kidding?" "Come in, Mr. Kidding."

Welcome to the Borsch Belt. Campbell's Soup variety.

Haunted Honeymoon, at area theaters, is rated PG.