LOS ANGELES -- The "Twilight Zone" pilot worried aloud about flying a helicopter above two children moments before the flight, which crashed and killed the youngsters and actor Vic Morrow, an assistant cameraman testified yesterday.

Randall Robinson, the first witness called after a two-week recess in the manslaughter trial of five filmmakers, said he asked pilot Dorcey Wingo if he was concerned about flying his aircraft through special-effects explosions.

"He said he was more concerned about the kids underneath the helicopter," Robinson recalled. Robinson said that was the first he had heard of children being under the helicopter during an explosive war scene for "Twilight Zone: The Movie."

It was the first testimony in the five-month trial indicating that any of the principals feared danger to the children, who were working without permits in the early morning hours of July 23, 1982. Robinson was in the helicopter when it crashed on top of Myca Le, 7, and Renee Chen, 6, whom the 53-year-old Morrow had been carrying across a stream.

Wingo is charged with manslaughter along with director John Landis, production manager Dan Allingham, associate producer George Folsey and special effects supervisor Paul Stewart. The prosecution claims they were negligent and reckless in placing the children and Morrow under the helicopter with explosives going off around them. The defense claims the explosions were detonated at the wrong time, causing an unforeseeable accident.

When blasts began to engulf the helicopter, Robinson said, Allingham tried futilely to change its path.

"He said, 'That's too much. Let's get out of here,' " said Robinson.

But from the ground, he said, another voice -- previously identified as that of Landis -- shouted over a radio: "Get lower, lower" and "Get over."

Robinson said the pilot tried to leave the scene but lost control.

"We lost our control and regained it and then I could feel something let go and we began spinning around in circles," he said.

"And the helicopter crashed?" asked Deputy District Attorney Lea Purwin D'Agostino.

"Yes," said Robinson.