SHARON WYRRICK is one very smart and very tough cookie. In the nine years since she arrived in this city, she has directed her own dance company, Full Circle, made a number of thought-provoking dances and contributed her petite beauty and ferocity to other choreographers' work.

Her intense interest in many different kinds of movement has resulted in her performing the expressionistic dances of early modern dancer Pola Nirenska, the angry epics of Washington hotshot Daniel West and, in her own work, experimenting with abstract and theatrical movement, video, words and new music.

For her first full-length concert in two years, Wyrrick will present a program entitled "Infinite Passions," composed of her own pieces and four solos by Nirenska. The evening's title is also the name of Wyrrick's newest dance, a group work that mixes movement, objects and language to create visual tableaux. She will also perform her "Waltz" (commissioned by the Renwick Collectors Alliance and featuring the body sculpture of Kansas jewelry artist Marjorie Schick) and "Folding," an essay on the folding and flexing capabilities of paper and people.

Nirenska, the septuagenarian mover and shaker who began her career with German dance pioneer Mary Wigman, has set a suite of dances, collectively known as "Woman," on Wyrrick. Together with "Shout," a previously seen solo of burning emotional power, they'll no doubt pack quite a wallop. SHARON WYRRICK AND FULL CIRCLE -- Appearing through Sunday at the Dance Place, 3225 Eighth St. NE. Call 269-1600.