The Reagans aren't likely to be too happy if the AIDS documentary guest-starring young Ron Reagan appears on national television. It will be such a graphic show that even the independent producers are concerned about its reception (broadcast rights to the show have not yet been sold). The first family's son appears before the camera promoting safe sex and, prophylactic in hand, announces, "This is a condom."

Also on the show, Newsweek magazine reports, sultry model Beverly Johnson openly discusses oral sex, and singer Rube'n Blades appears dressed as a banana wearing a condom. Ron Reagan charges on the program that the right wing welcomes AIDS as punishment for homosexuality and says that Education Secretary William Bennett's call for widespread testing panders to that notion. He also suggests that people write to their congressman. Then with a smile, he adds, "or someone higher." Memorial Tribute to Casey

More than 1,000 people are expected here at a special tribute dinner June 22 to honor the late director of the Central Intelligence Agency William J. Casey. The testimonial to Casey, who died May 6, is being sponsored by Max Hugel, chairman of Americans for the Reagan Agenda. Hugel had served as chief of clandestine operations at the CIA under Casey, but resigned in July 1981 amid reports he had been involved with improper security market activities. The dinner's honorary chairman is former senator Barry Goldwater.

Among the honorary cochairs for the dinner at the Sheraton Washington is a cross section of political conservatives, including former national security adviser Richard V. Allen, former secretary of state Alexander M. Haig Jr., writer William F. Buckley Jr., former CIA directors William E. Colby and Richard Helms, Senate Republican leader Robert J. Dole, Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole, Sen. Jesse Helms, former U.N. ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, former senator Paul Laxalt, former ambassador Walter Annenberg and Rep. Jack Kemp. Another Kennedy Wedding

Victoria Francis Lawford, 28, daughter of Patricia Kennedy Lawford and the late Peter Lawford, was married Saturday to Robert Beebe Pender, 34, the son of Alice O'Shea and the late Dr. Robert Beebe Pender. The wedding was at the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Church in Southampton, N.Y. Lawford is a television coordinator at Very Special Arts, and her husband is an associate in the Washington offices of the law firm Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle.

Lawford was given away by her brother Christopher, and her matron and maid of honor were sisters Sydney McKelvy and Robin Lawford. Among her attendants were cousins Kara Kennedy and Kerry Kennedy. Other Kennedys there included Sen. Edward Kennedy, Joan Kennedy and their son Ted Jr.; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, her son John and her daughter Caroline and her husband Ed Schlossberg; and Ethel Kennedy. The guest list included author Jerzy Kosinski, model Cheryl Tiegs, singer Carly Simon, author George Plimpton and author Kurt Vonnegut and his wife, photographer Jill Krementz. Out and About

The Los Angeles coroner's office is reporting that blues harmonica player Paul Butterfield, whose body was found last month in his San Fernando Valley apartment, died from a lethal mixture of drugs and alcohol. Death was brought on by a combination of morphine, alcohol, codeine and Librium. Butterfield was 44 ...

Thieves took advantage of a bomb scare that cleared a Munich, West Germany, concert hall to steal a $16,000 watch from conductor Leonard Bernstein, as well as a wallet containing $470 he had left behind in his dressing room. No bomb was found. Bernstein is to receive the $83,000 German Music Prize today in Munich, so that should help a little.