The Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme Show tripped down memory lane at the Kennedy Center Friday night in an evening of show biz schmaltz.

Backed by the local Gene Dryer Orchestra, the enduring husband-and-wife team belted their way through tunes like "New York, New York," "That's What Friends Are For" and "Blame It on the Bossa Nova."

At times the corn factor in this glitzy lounge act was a bit much. Lawrence's singing, dancing and jokes leaned toward flat, and Gorme's responsive laughter was too practiced. Occasionally Lawrence would break into a "Hoo!," something he must have picked up as a guest on the old "Carol Burnett Show."

But Gorme has a strong set of pipes. "I love a Gershwin tune, how 'bout you?" she said, and then broke into "But Not for Me," proving she can croon with the best.

The highlights of the show were Gorme's glittery outfits (there were three) and an extended Gershwin medley that included a jaunty "I Got Rhythm."

Opening the show was comedian Corbett Monica, who told yucks about Howard Hughes and the Mafia, and the one about his wife, who "has a black belt in shopping."