The baby can learn his ABC's while dining on mashed bananas in these colorful dishes. $10 the set. Woodward & Lothrop.

How many times have you told yourself you'll get all those family photographs out of shoe boxes and put them in order. For inspiration, get a Photo Box, a handsomely laminated box with dividers that allows organization by subject, date or place. It also makes photos easier to look at than in an album. $9.99. Hecht's.

A Father's Day gift suggestion for the auto-crazy dad. This mini-mobile actually is a desk-top wonder that hides a tiny stapler, pen, memo pad and other goodies. $25. Neiman-Marcus.

The chicest new way to tote cottage cheese and carrot sticks to work is the Ice Man lunch box. Molded of plastic in the shape of the traditional round-top lunch pail, its secret lies in the removable ice-pack which, after being frozen in your refrigerator, keeps food cold until the lunch hour. With shoulder strap. $25. Garfinckel's.

Leave it to the Californians to invent a tanning lotion that also is jewelry. Handy Tan is a suntan lotion that is conveniently packaged in a plastic bracelet for easy access on the beach. Available in SPFs of 2, 6 and 15. $3.37. K-Mart.