Defrocked televangelist Jim Bakker's personal security guard walked off the job in protest yesterday after Bakker's wife Tammy Faye, in a rambling, teary-eyed press conference, vowed to defy an eviction notice and stay put in the couple's plush lakeside "parsonage" in Tega Cay, S.C.

Don Hardister, the PTL chief of security who has played spokesman as well as personal protector for the Bakkers since they resigned last March, said yesterday he drew the line when the Bakkers began contemplating a lawsuit to keep a $435,000 home purchased and improved by the ministry with charitable donations.

"I can't go along with it," said Hardister. "I don't agree with them pursuing lawsuits to keep the house."

Hardister made his comments to The Washington Post by telephone shortly after Tammy Faye Bakker walked up the hill in front of the house and lashed out at the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Speaking to reporters who have been staking out the Tega Cay home since the couple returned from their California exile last week, according to wire service reports, Bakker accused the new PTL chairman of trying "to take our home away," selling off her son's toys, giving away her dogs and burying her record albums with a bulldozer.

Her comments appeared to set the stage for an open confrontation between the couple and the new Falwell-appointed management of the PTL ministry, from which Jim Bakker resigned earlier this year after admitting a tryst with a church secretary. At the time, he chose Falwell to be his successor. PTL officials, after discovering evidence of the Bakkers' high-living life style plus reports of other sexual episodes involving the televangelist, recently sent the Bakkers an eviction notice, and have vowed to pursue legal avenues, if necessary, to remove the couple from the property.

"I hope that Jerry Falwell never has to suffer the way he's made us suffer," cried Tammy Bakker, according to an account by United Press International. "I wake up in the morning wishing they'd killed us, and Jim does too. It would have been better if they'd just put a bullet in us ...

"They took Jamie's little car his daddy had bought him for Christmas and sold it at auction ... They also took two of our dogs and sent them to the dog pound. My little girl called California screaming and crying and sobbing and said, 'Mom, they took our dogs ...'

"They keep threatening us they're going to take our home away," added Bakker. "We're going to get a lawyer and we're going to try to keep our home ... Once again, the children keep crying, saying, 'Daddy, please don't let them take our house away.' "

The Bakkers have two children, an 11-year-old boy named Jamie and an 18-year-old daughter, Tammy Sue Chapman, who recently married a former lifeguard at Heritage USA, the sprawling Christian amusement park operated by PTL.

Falwell could not be reached for comment yesterday, but Falwell aide Mark DeMoss called Tammy Faye Bakker's charges "ludicrous."

"Those allegations I'm embarrassed to even stand here and answer. They don't warrant a response. It's long since passed sensible ... We're done playing games."

Without specifying how Jerry Falwell aimed to evict the Bakkers, DeMoss dismissed their claim to the parsonage as "invalid." DeMoss said Bakker's board of directors agreed to give the house to the evangelist over a 10-year period ending in 1996, although he added that PTL management had found no formal documents authorizing such a transfer. In any case, he said, under such an agreement the Bakkers would have accrued only 5 percent of the property by this point.

DeMoss also scoffed at the notion that Falwell had exiled Bakker's dogs. He said an investigation by PTL security had found that the Bakkers' yard keeper had dispatched the dogs to the York County animal shelter on April 20. "Apparently the gardener was fed up with the dogs for messing up his yard," said De Moss. "Records show that one dog was sold on the 21st and another on the 25th. Both Tammy Faye and Tammy Sue owe Jerry Falwell an apology for accusing him of putting their dogs to sleep."

The Bakkers' apparent new hard-line stand proved too much for Hardister, who had been counseling the couple to quietly negotiate a settlement of the dispute. "I just lost my effectiveness in getting my views across {to the Bakkers} and steering them the way I felt things should go."

But Hardister also indicated that his anguish went deeper, saying he has started to have serious doubts about the Bakkers' lavish life style of Mercedes-Benzes and expensive homes. "I'm starting to question what I believe, not about Christianity, but about the whole so-called 'abundant life,' the 'blab it and grab it,' " he said.

"I'm just not sure all these 'things' are necessary. What are we fighting for? Are we fighting to keep 'things'? For a principle? A cause? I'm just confused."

Also bothering Hardister was the fact that the Bakkers were surrounding themselves with a small band of loyal supporters who, he suggested, were giving them bad advice. One member of this coterie, Howard (Happy) Goodman, 65, a 320-pound gospel singer and featured singer on the PTL show, was charged with assault and battery yesterday by the York County, S.C., sheriff's department, according to a deputy in the department.

The charge stems from an alleged June 11 attack on a 130-pound local television cameraman, Keith Rumph, who was attempting to film Tammy Bakker's appearance at a PTL prayer meeting. Rumph, 24, said in an interview that he was following Tammy Bakker when Goodman told him, " 'Hey, boy, you better get that camera out of here before I punch you down.' Then he hauled back and elbowed me hard in the chest and I buckled over ... It knocked the wind out of me."

Goodman, who later apologized to Rumph, declined to discuss the incident last week. After being served with the warrant, Goodman was transported to the York County detention center and released on bond, the sheriff's spokesman said.