ROME, JUNE 18 -- Italy's most controversial new member of Parliament kissed her pink teddy bear, gave a high-pitched giggle and obligingly exposed her left and right breasts to the cameras in quick succession.

Ilona Staller, known as "Cicciolina" (little fleshy one), was taking a break from starring in hard-core porn magazines and erotic videos and meeting the rather bemused representatives of the world's press in order to explain her highly personal political manifesto.

"Long live love, long live Cicciolina," she breathed girlishly, pulling down her dress once again.

The blond, Hungarian-born sex star was elected to the Chamber of Deputies on a Radical Party ticket in the general election on Sunday and Monday.

She came to Rome's foreign press club last night straight after thanking her supporters in the city's Piazza Navona square, where she jumped onto one of the famous fountains, bared her breasts and was promptly mobbed by about 300 excited young male fans urging her to strip.

As a result her strapless white dress was a little grubby about the edges. Fashion experts, however, would have noted that her extravagant lipstick toned perfectly with the pink teddy bear and a fake pink rose clutched in one white-gloved hand.

Under questioning, Cicciolina soon revealed that her grasp of topics such as Italy's public deficit, unemployment and the complexities of the country's political system was far from sure.

But she was obviously determined not to let a lack of political background stand in the way of someone with her wealth of worldly experience: "Anyway, Parliament is full of ignorant politicians," she said.

The discussion then moved to foreign affairs, adopting a surreal tone. Cicciolina habitually attaches the affectionate adjective "cicciolino" to people's names and the conversation was soon littered with references to "cicciolino Gorbachev," "cicciolino Reagan" and "cicciolina Thatcher."

She said she was seriously concerned about the problem of AIDS.

"I think more money needs to be spent on research into AIDS, which is a terrible thing." But in case anyone thought fear of the killer disease had hampered her own activities, she stressed: "I always make love freely, without using contraceptives."

Cicciolina, whose election to Parliament means she is now entitled to be addressed as "right honorable," also said she would campaign against Italy's Law 528, which punishes outrages to public decency.

"This is something I feel very strongly about ... I've been reported to the police many, many times. I've been to prison several times -- the longest was for two days," she said.

She revealed that she recently had been convicted of obscenity and had been able to campaign for the election only because she had been granted provisional liberty. As a member of Parliament she will be immune from prosecution.

The Italian media have speculated at length on what Cicciolina will wear when she attends the new Parliament, opening on July 2.

"I like very much to be nude ... I really wanted to enter Parliament in a transparent dress, with my breasts hanging out, but the Radical Party has told me that I couldn't do that without being banned," she said.

As for her personal ambitions, the 37-year-old star said she had no intentions of getting married.

"I enjoy making love and doing things from the Kamasutra too much -- it's very nice," she said.