Ever since their first show here several years ago, Kid Creole and the Coconuts have consistently played stylishly exotic stage shows. This big band for the '80s presents fantastically funky big band jazz with a little Dixieland, salsa and soul, all propelled by nearly nonstop, sexy percussion.

Band leader Kid Creole, a k a August Darnell, is a sultry, husky-voiced vocalist whose impeccable style draws from the big band leaders of the past, most notably Cab Calloway. Clad in a luscious beige suit and a matching wide-brimmed hat, he opened with "I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby." The set included the group's best hits: "Stool Pigeon," "Endicott," "Annie I'm Not Your Daddy" and "She Was a Dropout," highlighted by swanky work from a crack three-piece horn section.

The show was slightly marred by a soft but dismal hum that made the Kid's vocals sound just a little lispy. The Coconuts, blond bombshells who provide both background vocals and foreground bumps, grinds and shimmies, are usually impeccably synchronized. Last night they were slightly off pace, which cost them some of their charm.

Nevertheless this was a real show with Andy (Coati Mundi) Hernandez's delightfully silly antics and a banana boatload of golden Hollywood class.