Comedian Jackie Gleason will be buried today after a private funeral in Miami. Yesterday he was remembered by family, friends and fans. Gleason's widow Marilyn, his two daughters and his sister-in-law June Taylor spent an hour at a private viewing at North Miami's Lithgow Funeral Chapel.

Following the family's departure, the bronze, carnation-covered casket was closed and the chapel doors opened at noon to 120 people who had been waiting outside in 90-degree heat. Lithgow officials said they expected 1,000 people to visit before the chapel closed at 9 p.m.; by 2:30 p.m. 600 had signed the guest book.

On a Royal Romp Princess Diana and sister-in-law Sarah are creating quite a stir in their homeland. Reports of their flirtatious romps outside palace walls are being ill-received by members of the British press and public. Negative press skyrocketed last week at Ascot, one of the country's premier social events, when the princess of Wales and the duchess of York were seen poking young men's backsides with umbrellas. The two were also accused by newspapers of kissing far too many handsome young race-goers, invading bars and clubs they were not entitled to enter, drinking too much champagne and embarrassing a royal cousin by wolf-whistling at her. And Princess Di's recent appearances with bachelor banker Phillip Dunne have also caused quite a flurry of raised brows.

Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were also severely criticized by the British tabloids, which accused them of behaving like spoiled children and bringing the reputation of the House of Windsor into disrepute. Even the ever-so-dry Princess Anne wasn't spared. She reportedly joined her younger two brothers and the Duchess of York in dressing up in mock medieval clothing for a television charity fundraiser. The four joined other celebrities in dunking one another with cold water, shimmying along greasy poles, clambering over a revolving drum and dressing up as giant vegetables.

Joan Collins, Continued The Joan Collins-Peter Holm divorce case is coasting toward the heart of darkness. Although Holm won permission yesterday to continue living in the actress' Beverly Hills mansion until their July 6 court date, the only piece of furniture left is a bed.

"At least that's a good start," Holm told reporters after his attorney emerged from a hearing in the chambers of Superior Court Commissioner Robert Schnider.

Collins' attorney, popular Hollywood divorce lawyer Marvin Mitchelson, has filed papers alleging that Holm removed $100,000 worth of the actress' property, including several valuable paintings, a silver candelabrum, a dining room table and a portrait of the actress. Mitchelson acknowledged that some property was taken by Collins' agents but said this was to prevent Holm from stealing it. Both sides were ordered by the court to return whatever property was removed from the house.

Cicciolina's Revealing Day in Court Italian porn star Ilona Staller, elected to Parliament this month on a radical party ticket, appeared in court on obscenity charges yesterday wearing a see-through dress.

Staller, clutching the pink teddy bear she carried throughout her election campaign, told reporters she intended to renounce her immunity from prosecution as a deputy to answer the charges. Popularly known as "Cicciolina" (little fleshy one), Staller is accused of complicity in the publication of obscene material after photographs from her film "Carne Bollente" (Scorching Flesh) appeared in a hard-core porn magazine.

World-renowned for her campaigning practices of baring her breasts to supporters and onlookers, Staller went for a more subdued look yesterday, wearing a blue see-through dress decorated with black dots. Black net stockings and gloves were part of the package. "I shall be like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," she said. "I'll go to Parliament as Cicciolina but I'll be serious."