NEW YORK -- Two suits worn by Ronald Reagan in a 1941 movie, Marilyn Monroe's costume from "Bus Stop" and lyrics written by John Lennon were among the Hollywood and rock 'n' roll memorabilia auctioned off Saturday, Sotheby's reported.

"Not only was it the first time that Burbank {Studios} had auctioned its costumes, but it was the first time a costume worn by Ronald Reagan in a movie was sold," said Matthew Weigman, an assistant vice president of Sotheby's.

The "Collectors' Carrousel" sale included several Beatles items picked up by the Hard Rock Cafe. The Burbank Studios, home of Warner Bros., unloaded 85 of its 111 offerings.

The two wool suits worn by the future president in the Warner Bros. film "Kings Row" were bought by the Callaway County Chamber of Commerce in Fulton, Mo., for $2,640.

The chamber wanted the clothing, Weigman said, because the Missouri town was the setting for the movie and was the home town of the author, Henry Bellamann.

The Hard Rock Cafe paid $5,500 for a gold record awarded to the Beatles for "Hey Jude."

It also paid $7,700 for John Lennon's typewritten lyrics of "Imagine" and another $5,500 for a Lennon poster, "Love and Peace." The cafe bought a Marilyn Monroe costume from "Bus Stop," a green silk and black lace blouse and a black silk skirt, for $7,975.

A private collector from Scottsdale, Ariz., Corinne Fowler, paid $9,350 for a pair of Lennon's eyeglasses.

The top rock item, Lennon's handwritten and doodle-laced lyrics for "Dear Prudence," went to a private telephone bid of $19,250.

However, a 1956 Austin Princess hearse that belonged to Lennon, which had an original estimate of $40,000, got a top bid of $20,000 and was withdrawn because there was "not sufficient interest," Weigman said.

The auction netted a total of $621,610, including the commissions the buyers paid to the auction house, he said.