Actor Jon Voight, who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a disabled American veteran, paid tribute to war dead yesterday in an emotional scene at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. He hugged several crying veterans at the black granite wall that lists the names of nearly 58,000 Americans killed in the Vietnam war.

Voight will be one of the hosts today at the star-studded "Welcome Home" concert, featuring Linda Ronstadt, James Brown, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Diamond and other performers. "This tribute to these men is long overdue," said Voight, who won an Oscar for his performance in the 1978 movie "Coming Home."

Today's concert, originally set for the 45,000-seat Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, disappointed organizers with its poor ticket sales and was moved to Capital Centre. Veterans at the memorial yesterday, however, said the gesture is important to them. "We've got Oscar-winners and great performers behind us," said Bob Moran, a leader of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. "The fact that they took time out of their schedule for us, that kind of commitment, to me, is awesome."

Nancy Reagan's Birthday First Lady Nancy Reagan will celebrate her birthday this weekend by watching Fred Astaire movies with President Reagan at Camp David, according to her spokeswoman Elaine Crispen.

Mrs. Reagan will be 66 Monday, according to her college records, although the first lady claims she was born in 1923, 64 years ago.

Crispen said that in addition to whatever private celebrations the Reagans have at the mountain retreat, the first lady's staff will take Mrs. Reagan to lunch at a Washington restaurant on Monday.

Over the weekend, the Reagans will watch "Top Hat," "Swing Time" and "Funny Face," starring Astaire, who died last week.

The Bakkers' PTL Protest Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker are expected to celebrate Independence Day exercising their right of assembly. They said they will join opponents of the Rev. Jerry Falwell in a march at the PTL ministry's Heritage USA resort in South Carolina. The Bakkers, fallen founders of PTL, said they want to disprove Falwell's claim that all his detractors could fit in a large phone booth.

The Association of PTL Partners, a group of disgruntled contributors, is seeking a hand in the operation of the ministry, but not all association members want the Bakkers back at the helm. Joe Haviland, president of the association, said, "We're going to sing some hymns and pray some prayers and just hope God listens to us and gives us back our property."

The Bakkers, meanwhile, may be away from the PTL cameras, but they still know how to manipulate the media. The couple recently taped a three-part interview with "Good Morning America." In the second part, broadcast yesterday, Tammy Faye Bakker said her husband did not cavort naked with men, as his detractors have charged. That's "preposterous," she said.

Jim Bakker refused to discuss his sexual encounter with Jessica Hahn, which led to his turning the ministry over to Falwell in March.

Concert-Goer Sues Over Hearing Loss A first-time concert-goer who claims she suffered partial hearing loss, dizzy spells and insomnia after a Los Angeles performance by David Lee Roth last December has sued the rock star and The Forum, where he appeared. Linda Duke, 24, said she knew rock concerts were loud, but she should have been warned that Roth's music would be exceptionally loud.

Duke said she no longer can use a hair dryer and must wear protective earmuffs when vacuuming or encountering other loud noises. The day after the concert, a doctor diagnosed the ailment as "acoustics trauma." The suit is one of the first of its kind in the country. Spokesmen for Roth and The Forum had no comment.

Edwin Meese's Oakland Pan Attorney General Edwin Meese, it seems, has lost respect in his own home town. In a sharply worded editorial yesterday, the Oakland Tribune called for the Oakland native to resign.

Meese "is to ethics as James Watt was to the environment," the newspaper charged. "The dishonoring of America's highest law enforcement officer is a national disgrace that admits of only one solution: his timely resignation."

The Tribune was critical of Meese's role in the Iran-contra affair and the Wedtech scandal, both of which are being investigated by independent counsels.

"A nation that condemns and punishes the marital infidelity of Gary Hart can do no less with the infidelity to justice of Attorney General Meese," the editorial concluded.

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