LOS ANGELES, JULY 5 -- Directors Guild of America negotiators angrily walked out of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers' headquarters today after getting no response to the contract proposals they submitted last week.

But guild President Gilbert Cates said the union did not plan to strike before 6 p.m. Friday, which guild negotiators set as a deadline for a reply by the producers.

"I'm just ... outraged," Cates said minutes before leaving the alliance offices this afternoon. "They asked us to come here at 10 o'clock {in the morning} for a reply, and they still haven't seen us."

"The producers have continued analyzing the directors' very complex proposals," explained Carol Akiyama, senior vice president of the alliance, which represents about 200 movie and TV producers.

Akiyama said she could "understand" the guild negotiators' frustration. But she said the delay was a sign that the producers were taking a "very serious" look at the proposals.

The two sides agreed to meet at 10 a.m. Thursday, according to Cates. But he added that guild negotiators would be available for talks before then if the producers came to a decision.

Separate guild negotiations with the three major television networks are set to resume Tuesday in New York, according to both Cates and Irv Novick, a negotiator for the broadcasters.

Guild members last week voted overwhelmingly to reject contract proposals from both the producers and the networks. The votes empower the national board of the 8,500-member union to call a strike that could shut down most movie and TV filming and some live shows. The national board is set to meet Saturday, Cates said.

The guild president declined to discuss details in the directors' proposals, which were given to producers last Wednesday. But a union spokesman has said they would result in a major overhaul of the residuals payment system -- something the producers have insisted on in the negotiations.

The guild's previous three-year contracts with the producers and networks expired last Tuesday, but union leaders have urged members to continue working as the talks continue.