WEST BABYLON, N.Y., JULY 5 -- Jessica Hahn said today she discussed book and movie offers during a five-day trip to Hollywood but made no firm plans for any project about her tryst with evangelist Jim Bakker and the resulting scandal.

"Nothing was signed and no commitment was made," Hahn said. She added, however, "I would consider anything if the price was right and it helped my life in a positive way."

The 27-year-old former church secretary said the trip was paid for by people in the film industry who were interested in her writing a book, helping with a movie or becoming an actress.

"I didn't feel comfortable. I never felt peace the whole time I was there," she said, adding that she was not interested in becoming an actress.

Bakker resigned as head of the 500,000-member PTL television ministry in March after claiming he had been blackmailed over his encounter with Hahn more than six years before.

She has said she was forced into sex with Bakker and another evangelist in a Florida hotel room in 1980. She said she agreed to a $265,000 hush money settlement with Bakker, but received only a small part of the money before the incident was revealed and payments were cut off.

Hahn said the events of the last four months had taught her to be careful in dealing with people.

"I felt so strange being there," Hahn said of her trip. "Milton Berle was at a table next to me. That doesn't impress me. I'm not a 16-year-old girl who ran away from home and is looking for a start. What impresses me is if someone can be loyal and tell the truth."

She said she will seek to hire an attorney or agent to help her make the right decision about the book and movie offers.

"I said I need someone from my side to say it's fair," she said.