FORT MILL, S.C., JULY 6 -- PTL Chairman Jerry Falwell asked for $100 each from regular contributors to the television ministry and told viewers today that "we have some deep problems to solve."

PTL, which filed for reorganization in bankruptcy court June 12 and is under investigation for possible federal violations that threaten its tax-exempt status, lost money again in June, Falwell said on the "PTL Club" TV show.

Falwell, the Lynchburg, Va., Baptist minister who replaced PTL founder Jim Bakker in March, said he has sent telegrams to 200,000 past contributors asking each to send $100 apiece by Friday so PTL can meet operating expenses the following Monday.

PTL's regular contributors, called partners, had been asked to add $50 to their regular monthly pledges of $15 during the "May Emergency" fund-raising campaign.

Today, Falwell said PTL's income was less than its expenses in June and that the ministry paid its bills by using some of the surplus funds received during the May fund-raising drive. Falwell did not say how much money PTL lost, and a PTL receptionist said the ministry's executive offices were closed today. "If you want this ministry to stay on television, send us a letter ... do it now," Falwell said.

Meanwhile, Bakker said in an interview broadcast on ABC's "Good Morning America" that he is a changed man and eager to resume his ministry. "I think sometimes in doing, in busy-ness, a minister can lose that fresh touch of God on his life," Bakker said. "I was busy building and busy preparing a place for people -- the Heritage Grand {Hotel} and the water park and all that.

"I think we're going to be different people if God gives us a chance to minister," Bakker said. In May, however, Bakker was defrocked by his denomination, the Assemblies of God.