Some suggestions for making the most of your local library:

Reference numbers: Alexandria, 838-4556.

District of Columbia, 727-1126.

Montgomery County, 279-1637; TDD, 424-0066.

What's new at the library: INFOTRAC -- an automated index, updated monthly, of 400 magazines and an attached printer that rapidly provides a printout.

Magazine Collection -- microfilms of 80 percent of the periodicals indexed by INFOTRAC that can be read on a microfilm reader-printer with the capability of printing hard copies of articles.

Automated acquisition systems for efficient processing of new materials.

Some of the services for the handicapped: Visualtek reading machines that enlarge printed materials, and Visualtek Microviewers that enlarge microfiche.

Kurzweil Reading Machines that transform the printed page to a computer voice.

Library of Congress Talking Books for the blind.

Braille materials.

Telecommunications devices for deaf people (TDD).

Telecaption adapters.

Personal book deliveries for the homebound

Bookmobiles with ramps for wheelchair access.

Many libraries have: Literacy collections and English-as-a-second-language collections.

Framed prints, music scores, Polaroid cameras, film projectors and other equipment available for loan.

Associated Press teletype machines.

Personal computer centers.

Coin-operated copying machines.

College/career/job information materials

Adult literacy programs.

Free meeting rooms for nonprofit groups.

Summer programs (call your local library for exact dates and times): Summer Quest '87: Readers on the Move, a reading club for children ages 6-12.

Films for children and adults.

Storytime for children.

Plant clinics.

Baby-sitting courses.

Travel programs.