Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was slightly injured last night when a tree fell onto a car in which he was a passenger on the George Washington Memorial Parkway near Spout Run in Arlington, according to U.S. Park Police.

The Massachusetts senator suffered minor injuries to his face and legs when he hit the windshield of the car, said Park Police Sgt. Jim Myers. He was not hospitalized, and Kennedy press secretary Jeff Smith said the senator is expected to go to work today. No one else was reported injured.

Myers said the incident occurred just before 9 p.m. when a tree fell onto the parkway's left northbound lane. It was not clear what caused the tree to fall, he said. The car was being driven by Michael Gavigan, a Kennedy aide, Smith said.

At the time of the accident, the two were on their way to Kennedy's home in McLean after a Senate session, Smith said. The car had to be towed away, according to Myers.

Filming the Pope's Love Story

A love story written as a play by Pope John Paul II in 1960 is to make its film debut in Italy this year, starring Burt Lancaster, Ben Cross and Olivia Hussey, the Italian national broadcasting network announced yesterday. "The Goldsmith's Shop," written when the pontiff was Monsignor Karol Wojtyla, an auxiliary bishop in Krakow, is being filmed in his native Poland and is due to be completed in Canada by the end of August. The film follows two young Polish couples in Krakow just before the outbreak of World War II. Lancaster plays the goldsmith who advises young couples who come into his shop to buy rings.

At a press conference, Lancaster said, "I'm very impressed by what the pope wrote. This is a new kind of story about what love means and the power of love."

Lyubimov Seeks Israeli Citizenship Soviet avant-garde stage director Yuri Lyubimov, a non-Jew, has decided to become a citizen of Israel, where he is currently staging Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment," immigration officials said yesterday. Lyubimov, who made his international reputation in the 1970s as the director of Moscow's semidissident Taganka theater, left the Soviet Union legally several years ago. He has since had his Soviet citizenship revoked, and in recent years has staged plays in several western capitals -- including "Crime and Punishment" at Arena Stage earlier this year.

His request was expected to be granted under Israel's Law of Return, which permits non-Jewish spouses of would-be Jewish immigrants to obtain automatic citizenship. Officials said Lyubimov's Hungarian Jewish wife also planned to apply for citizenship.

U.S. PTL Probe to Target Individuals Jim Bakker and his former top aides -- not the PTL ministry -- will be the targets of a federal grand jury investigating possible criminal tax fraud, The Charlotte Observer reported today.

Subpoenas are expected to be delivered within two weeks to as many as 10 executives who worked at Heritage Village Church Inc. under Bakker, a source was quoted as saying.

"We are grateful for the Justice Department's decision to pursue individuals in the previous administration and not the organization," said Jerry Nims, PTL's new chief executive officer.

Meanwhile, with yet another fund-raising deadline looming for the troubled ministry, the Rev. Jerry Falwell said that PTL's problem is not Bakker and his wife Tammy but tightfisted contributors.

"It's not that the former administration is returning. That is not happening," Falwell said on the "PTL Club" television program. "Our problem is not outside. Our problem, quite frankly, is this: Is there a constituency of persons here that want bad enough for this ministry to survive? Are we willing to make the necessary sacrifice?"

The bankrupt ministry must have $2 million by Monday, Falwell said, repeating a warning he made earlier this week.

And former PTL singer Vi Azvedo said yesterday that the Bakkers were expected back at PTL's luxurious lakeside parsonage in about three days to begin packing. Ownership of the home is disputed, and Falwell wants to sell it. The Bakkers have been in their Gatlinburg, Tenn., vacation home since last week.

Catching Nancy Reagan's Eye Nancy Reagan is watching the Iran-contra scandal hearings, but is "not glued to the television set," her spokeswoman, Elaine Crispen, said yesterday. Crispen also said the first lady is not concerned because she "knows Ronald Reagan is incapable of telling a lie" and "she totally believes in what he said."

And did Mrs. Reagan watch Lt. Col. Oliver North's testimony? "She watches it if the TV is on," Crispen said.

-- Compiled from staff and wire reports Chuck Conconi is on vacation.