t's a bird. It's a plane. It's pure'ed bananas in a Food Flyer spoon. Get finicky children to eat with this plastic spoon shaped like an airplane. $2.50. Bloomingdale's. BY DUDLEY BROOKS -- THE WASHINGTON POST It's a greeting card and a gift in one. Small wooden plaques of animals come with their own padded mailing envelope. $6. The Chevy Chase Shop, 3807 McKinley St. NW. BY FRED SWEETS -- THE WASHINGTON POST A great summer house gift for a hostess with a green thumb. This English garden kit comes packed in a tin and includes garden gloves, plant food and name stakes. $15. Skellin and Co., 4920 Fairmont Ave., Bethesda. NO CREDIT LINE HERE Carry your office in your pocket. The Plus "Factory" is a nifty new gadget the size of a penknife and containing everything from scissors to magnifying lens to tape dispenser. Available in white, black, blue or red. $35. Travel Express, Georgetown Park. BY FRED SWEETS -- THE WASHINGTON POST Let's see now, 14 zlotys should be about $2 less than ... If foreign exchange calculations aren't your thing, a good investment for your next trip would be Zelco's foreign exchange calculator. It comes with a long travel cord and can be worn around the neck. $15.95. Travel Books Unlimited, 4931 Cordell Ave., Bethesda. By Jura Koncius