The date on which former Federal Reserve Board chairman Arthur Burns died was incorrect in yesterday's Style section. He died June 26. (Published 7/24/87)

You would have thought Buckingham Palace would come up with a better excuse. When Prince Andrew and Fergie were married, Washington attorney Fred Lyon, in reading accounts of all the fancy and expensive wedding presents the couple were receiving, noticed they weren't getting any of the usual electrical appliances, such as toasters and frying pans. So he took up a collection in his law firm, Lyon and McManus, and a 14-speed Hamilton Beach blender was sent to the royal couple. Nine months had passed, and Lyon grumbled to the Personalities column that "we have yet to receive a thank-you note or even an acknowledgment. And we know she's using it every day. Obviously the standards of the royal family have slipped since Queen Victoria."

The Palace was not amused. Lyon has received a scolding letter on Buckingham Palace letterhead from Wing Commander Adam Wise, LVO, MBE, RAF, seeking a newspaper retraction and saying, "I was rather disturbed recently to receive from Canada a newspaper report to the effect that you never received an acknowledgment for the wedding present." The blender was received, the letter said, adding that it was impossible for Fergie to use it every day because of the different electrical currents. As to the thank-you note, the commander said his records show it was sent, and added, "I can only assume, therefore, that the letter was lost in the post."

Hahn's Story in Playboy

Jessica Hahn has sold her story to Playboy magazine, and it will appear in the November issue. Her attorney Dominic Barbara says the upcoming revelations about Hahn's sexual tryst with disgraced PTL leader Jim Bakker will "stun the country." But, he said, there will be no nude photographs of the 27-year-old former church secretary, whose sexual encounter with Bakker led to his departure from PTL.

Neither Barbara nor Playboy would reveal how much Hahn was paid for her story. In addition to her relationship with Bakker, Barbara says, the story "is expected to reveal her knowledge of payoffs, financial dealings, the wars among religious evangelists and the story of her own past." He said Hahn plans to sue Bakker and his wife Tammy Faye for damages. Asked whether selling her story to Playboy would harm Hahn's image as a religious person, Barbara said, "She has a great deal of love of God, but she felt that Playboy could best report her story." Barbara has visions of even bigger paydays yet to come and is negotiating for book, television and movie rights.

Memorial Service for Burns

Former presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford were at a special memorial tribute yesterday for Arthur Burns, the former Federal Reserve Board chairman who died in April at 83. At the Adas Israel Synagogue service, Ford remembered Burns as a "true philosopher, a lover of knowledge and truth." Nixon talked of "titanic" battles between Burns and heads of other governmental agencies and described him as a "great teacher. His students are his best memorial."

Secretary of State George Shultz sang a tribute he wrote a few years ago in the former chairman's honor: "Fact without theory is as sad as sad can be. But if there's one thing worse in this universe, it's a theory without a fact." Others speaking at the service included Sen. Pete Domenici, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker and economist Milton Friedman.

Out and About

Television news anchor Jim Lehrer's first produced play, "Chili Queen," will close Saturday after only one week of a scheduled four-week run in the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater. The reviews were not good and tickets weren't selling ...

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy turned 97 yesterday, and her son Sen. Edward Kennedy, as he has in the past, sent his mother a bouquet of long-stemmed roses, one to symbolize each year. Members of the family called her throughout the day to wish her a happy birthday. Several of them had been at the family compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., Sunday for a birthday party where they gathered around the piano to sing "Sweet Adeline," her favorite song ...

Barry Kirshner, owner of Flutes Champagne Bar in Georgetown, said his bartender Joey Silva has invented a new drink, the Poindexter Cocktail: "I don't remember what's in it ..."