Hattie Babbitt, 39: Partner at the Phoenix law firm of Robbins & Green. Met Bruce at a Dallas airport ("The only two standbys," she says). Undergraduate degree in Spanish from Arizona State University; law degree from the same school. Two children.

Jill Biden, 36: Teaches remedial reading, English and history to teen-agers at Rockford Center Psychiatric Hospital in Wilmington. Met Joe when he called her after seeing her photo on a billboard advertisement. Undergraduate degree from University of Delaware; master's in remedial reading from West Chester University. Working toward second MA from Villanova. Two stepsons from Biden's first marriage, one daughter.

Kitty Dukakis, 50: Former dance teacher and travel executive. Currently director of the Public Space Partnership Program at Harvard. First met Michael at Brookline High School, when he was a senior and she was a freshman (he doesn't remember). Met again years later when reintroduced by a mutual friend. Undergraduate degree in education from Lesley College; master's in communications from Boston University. Three children, the eldest son from her previous marriage.

Jane Gephardt, 45: Homemaker and community activist. Was the advertising manager of a St. Louis shoe company before she married. Met Richard in college, but didn't actually start dating him until they saw each other in Chicago several years later. Graduated from Northwestern University. Three children.

Mary Elizabeth (Tipper) Gore, 38: Homemaker, author, photographer. Gore has been a crusader against violent lyrics in rock music, and recently published a book on the subject. Met Al at a Washington party when she was 16 and he was 17. Undergraduate degree in psychology from Boston University; master's from George Peabody College in Nashville (now a part of Vanderbilt University). Four children.

Jackie Jackson, 44: Homemaker and civil rights activist. Jackson has always spoken around the nation about her husband's causes. Met Jesse in college. Attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College for two years until she left to marry. Five children.

Jeanne Simon, 65: Homemaker, lawyer, former state assemblywoman. Met Paul when they served together in the Illinois legislature; she chose not to run again when they married. Graduated from Barat College and Northwestern University Law School. Two children. REPUBLICANS

Barbara Bush, 61: Homemaker and literacy advocate. Met George at a home town dance in Greenwich, Conn., when she was 16 and he was 17. Attended Smith College for three semesters before dropping out to marry the young Navy pilot. Five children.

Elizabeth Dole, 50: Secretary of Transportation. Met Bob in his Senate office on an official appointment when she was an FTC commissioner. Graduated from Duke University and Harvard Law School. He has one daughter from a previous marriage.

Elise du Pont, 51: Attorney. Worked as an administrator for the Agency for International Development. Ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1984. Met Pete when he was at Princeton and she was attending Bryn Mawr. Graduated from Temple University, and University of Pennsylvania Law School. Four children.

Patricia Haig, 58: Homemaker and community volunteer. Concert pianist before marriage. Met Al in Tokyo, where her father was stationed. She says it was after a church function; he says it was after one of her recitals. Attended Sacred Heart College in Tokyo for two years. Three chidlren.

Joanne Kemp, 50: Homemaker who says she "never suffered a moment's insecurity" about not working outside the home. Met Jack in her sophomore year of college. BA in education from Occidental College. Four children.

Carol Laxalt, 44: Volunteer activist for GOP organziations. Met Paul in 1966 when he was governor of Nevada and she was appointed his personal secretary. She worked for him from then through 1975 in the Senate. Graduated from Carson City High. She has one daughter and he has six children from previous marriages.

Dede Robertson, 59: On the Board of Regents of Christian Broadcasting Network University and has been a member of the board of CBN Inc. since its founding. Was an assistant professor of nursing at Tidewater Community College. Met Pat in graduate school. Graduated from Ohio State and received a master's in nursing from Yale. Four children.