BOB FARLEY -- THE WASHINGTON POST Safety devices are an important consideration for today's sports enthusiasts, such as joggers, bikers and boaters. The Loud-Stik, invented by a local dentist, serves as a light source and contains an air horn whose blast can be heard for up to a mile. $29.95, Racquet & Jog, 4959 Elm St., Bethesda. BY BOB FARLEY -- THE WASHINGTON POST The Golden Hammer Handyman Award this week goes to this marvelous little brass hammer. Nested inside the handle are four different-sized screwdrivers. $7.50, Ginn's. BY BOB FARLEY -- THE WASHINGTON POST Prehistoric pinåata. Turn your next party into a Stone-Age bash. This dinosaur pinåata can be filled with the treats of your choice. $9.99, Portside, 106 N. Lee St., Alexandria. BY FRED SWEETS -- THE WASHINGTON POST Turn an ordinary candle into a chic romantic lamp. Faux-finished shade, adaptor and candle set, $80. You add the candlestick. Skellin and Co., 4920 Fairmont Ave., Bethesda. BY BOB FARLEY -- THE WASHINGTON POST For these sizzling days, an ice-cube bottle. The Cooly Ice-Easy can be filled with any non-carbonated liquid and frozen. Placed in a cooler, it serves as an ice pack as well as pours a refreshingly cold drink complete with ice cubes. Set of two -- $3.99, Woolworth's. By Jura Koncius