NEW YORK, JULY 29 -- Two men hired to slash a fashion model's face with a razor blade were given maximum sentences of five to 15 years today for an assault the judge called one of the worst he had encountered.

"This is as grave an assault in the first degree as one is likely to encounter," Justice Jeffrey Atlas said in sentencing Steven Bowman, 27, and Darren Norman, 20.

The two men were convicted in May in the slashing attack on Marla Hanson. Bowman held the model as Norman cut her face shortly after midnight on June 5, 1986, on a Manhattan street corner.

Hanson, 25, who sat stoically in the courtroom for the sentencing, told reporters afterward that she was satisfied with the sentence.

"It's been a long, long year," she said. "It does feel like the end finally. And it's a nice feeling. It's a peaceful feeling."

The model, whose wounds required about 150 stitches and left a winding scar on her right cheek, was asked whether she could return to a normal life.

"I hope so, {but} with the kind of career I picked you never know," she said, adding that she has been concentrating on an acting career. She also is considering plastic surgery.

Bowman and Norman were hired by the model's former landlord, Steven Roth, 28, a makeup artist who was sentenced in May to five to 15 years in prison and fined $5,000.

He masterminded the grisly attack in a dispute over an $850 rent security deposit. Roth also was angry over Hanson's rejection of his romantic advances.

At the sentencing, Bowman and Norman maintained their innocence.

"I was there. I didn't know what was going to go down," Norman said. "I'm very sorry that this has happened to Miss Marla Hanson. There was nothing I could do. I was too far away from her to do anything."

Bowman also denied culpability, telling the court, "I could say but I will not say I feel sorry for what happened. I do not because I'm not guilty."

But "it should never happen to anyone," he said.