TEL AVIV, AUG. 6 -- An unprecedented agreement has been reached between Israeli and Soviet filmmakers to coproduce a comedy spy thriller, according to an official of Israel's Golan-Globus film company.

The partnership between Golan-Globus and the Soviet state-run Mosfilm was arranged when Menahem Golan visited the recent Moscow film festival, according to Golan-Globus executive Yitzhak Kol.

"This is an unprecedented development in relations between the two countries," he said. "If all goes well a Soviet director and scriptwriter will arrive in Israel by the end of August and we'll get down to work."

Moscow broke diplomatic ties with Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War. The arrival of a Soviet consular delegation in Tel Aviv last month was widely seen here as a sign of a thaw in relations.

The planned film, Kol said, tells the story of a non-Jew from the Soviet Republic of Georgia who comes to Israel and is arrested as a suspected KGB agent. The picture is to be shot in both countries.

Kol was pragmatic about what seems a sensitive subject for a film made in partnership with Moscow.

"There will be one version in Russian and another in English," he said. "It may be that each will be slanted to its own market -- I just hope it all works."