New word candidates from William Drennan's "Neonyms":

anaclysm (ANNA klizz im) n. {ana, constructive + clysm, washing; as in "cataclysm,"} A momentous, constructive upheaval, especially in morality or politics.

bathypetrics (bath ee PET riks) n. {bathy, deep + petr, petroleum + ics, action} Extracting petroleum from great depths.

chronoflake (KRAHN o flaik) n. {chrono, time + flake) Someone who keeps offbeat hours.

conocraniocrat (kahn o CRANE ee o krat) n. {cono, cone + cranio, skull + crat, bureaucrat} A pointy headed bureaucrat.

ergalgia (err GAL juh) n. {erg, work + algia, pain} annoyance, pain or other distress caused by work or by the necessity to work.

geodump (JEE oh dump) n. {geo, Earth + dump} The entire Earth as a polluted area.

jockocrat (JAHK o krat) n. {jock, athlete + o + crat, member of a dominant class} An athlete who is famous and has made a great deal of money.

opsipathy (AHP sih pathy) n. {opsi, late in life + pathy from empathy} Empathy with the needs and concerns of the elderly.

politute (PAHL ih toot) n. {po, political + itute, prostitute} A politician involved in corrupt activities for personal gain.

uxordule (UKS or dool) n. {uxor, wife + dule, slave} A henpecked husband.

valecoprist (val uh COP wrist) n. {vale, farewell + copr, filth + ist, performer} The person who puts out the garbage.

xenese (zen EEZ) n. {xen, strange + ese, jargon} Any jargon or specialized talk that is strange or unfamiliar to the hearer.