Four children's choirs from across the globe sounded a note for world harmony through musical harmony last night at the International Children's Choir Festival at the Kennedy Center.

Even when the choruses from Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok and San Juan combined their 115 voices for "Let There Be Peace on Earth" and "The Wonderful World," the point was never heavy-handed, and an animated Kennedy Center audience was treated to a cultural array of song, dance and entertainment aplenty.

Individually, the China National Children's Centre Chorus was the most accomplished group, showing discipline through imaginative arrangements.

They endeared themselves with an a cappella version of "Shenandoah," and stationed two singers in the first tier rear of the hall for an onomatopoeic "Double Echoes."

Yip's Children's Choir of Hong Kong emphasized variety within a traditional framework. "Song of Rain" featured scene-setting vocal sound effects.

Prior to this, Mar da Lin Young turned in a splendid solo performance on Chinese zither for "The Lucky Waters at the Village."

With only nine voices at their disposal (Thailand schools are in session), the Bangkok Children's Choir became a dance troupe. One native step, "The Fon," came across as an eastern variant of the hokey-pokey.