CHARLES "Cookie" Cook is one of a kind. Most people think of him as a dancer -- a hoofer, to be precise -- and he certainly can let those rhythms fly off the taps on his shoes. Yet there's more. He's a very funny guy, able to bring down the house with one of his caustic comments, poses or expressions on that doleful old mug of his. He's also the consummate partner and straight man, knowing just how to make the performer next to him look good or seem funnier.

Like so many tap dancers and variety artists, Cook has had a rollercoaster-style career, enjoying a heyday in nightclubs and on Broadway in "Kiss Me Kate" beside his diminuitive partner Ernie Brown, then fading from sight when hoofing itself faded. Recent years have seen a renaissance, Cook appearing with that venerable dance fraternity known as the Copasetics, dancing with younger tappers like Jane Goldberg, and dusting off the old routines with his pal Brown.

Sunday at the Museum of Natural History's Baird Auditorium, Cook teams with associates for what he calls "a real hot vaudeville revue." It's sure to be a jazz- and joke-filled gig. CHARLES "COOKIE" COOK

with Buster Brown, Rose Murphy, Chuck Payne, Micki Davis, Susan Goldbetter and Lynn Cataldo, 7 Sunday at Baird Auditorium, 10th and Constitution NW. Call 357-3030.