CHICAGO, AUG. 19 -- A woman who calls herself "Billie Jean" has filed a $150 million paternity lawsuit against singer Michael Jackson, saying he has admitted fathering her three children but refuses to pay child support.

The claims are "ridiculous and preposterous," Jackson's publicist, Lee Solters, said today. Jackson was not available for comment.

The lawsuit was filed in Cook County Circuit court by Lavon Powlis, 39, who calls herself Billie Jean Jackson and says Jackson once proposed to her.

"Billie Jean" is the title of a Jackson song about a young man denying paternity. In the song, the man tells a third party that despite the title character's claim, "the kid is not my son."

Dave Schneidman, a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, which has custody of the children, said last night that Powlis has at least twice named other notable people as the children's father but had never filed a paternity lawsuit.

"She is famous for claiming that various famous people are the father of her children," Schneidman said. "If this lady doesn't know who the father is, we don't."

Schneidman said the agency took custody of the children after Powlis left two of them alone at a Black Muslim mosque in Chicago. The children are living with relatives in New York, he said.

Powlis, who describes herself as an unemployed legal secretary, alleges in her lawsuit that she and the singer had sexual contact on two occasions, on May 5, 1975, and July 4, 1981.

"Michael is the father, Michael got me pregnant and I want Michael to pay for it," Powlis said in a telephone interview.

"I want his name for the children, plus $50 million per child," she said. "I need some money and I want some money for my children."

The lawsuit, filed last Friday without a lawyer, says Jackson "admitted that he had intimate relations with the plaintiff and has acknowledged that he is the father" of her 5-year-old twins -- a girl and a boy -- and her 11-year-old son.

Powlis said today that the children were conceived in a blue Rolls-Royce parked in front of the singer's suburban Los Angeles home.

She said she met Jackson in 1975, when she was living in New York, after writing him letters and telling him "I had always been in love with him ... and I wanted to meet him."

"He invited me out to L.A.," Powlis said. "Michael asked me to marry him September 13, 1985. I said yes, of course."

Since then, Powlis said, "family feuds" have delayed the wedding and Jackson has refused to pay child support.

She said she waited to file the lawsuit "because Michael and I were going to get married and take care of it quietly.