MOUNT SHASTA, CALIF. -- Thousands of people have trekked to a house in this northern California resort town to see what they claim is an image of an angel appearing on a woman's television set.

But the police chief and a TV repairman say the image is caused by the TV set's bad capacitator and low voltage power supply.

"I was sitting around watching TV Friday night," Diane Boettcher said yesterday. "I switched on the news to see about the harmonic convergence when a bright light came out ... this image appeared. She has in the last few days become brighter and more defined. She is definitely an angel."

Mount Shasta, about 50 miles south of the Oregon border, was one of several sites around the world that last weekend attracted crowds of people who believed in a galactic "harmonic convergence" that would signal either a new age of peace, or doom, for mankind. About 6,000 people turned out Sunday to meditate and watch the sun rise over Mount Shasta.

"I think {the angel's appearance} has everything to do with harmonic convergence," Boettcher said.

Boettcher, 40, a drug counselor turned writer, said about 5,000 people have come to the house she shares with her two teen-age daughters to see the image.

"She's really beautiful," she said. "People have been really touched by this."

Police Chief Lou Baldy said an officer who went to the house told him it was a faulty TV. "From what I can gather, that's all it is," he said.

Bob Wilson, owner of Shiloh Electronics in Mount Shasta, said he saw the television Tuesday and immediately identified the problem. In fact, he has duplicated it in his shop for anyone who wants to see it.

"The only reason I didn't say anything in the house was because there were people praying in front of the TV and I didn't know how to break it to them," Wilson said.

But Boettcher is convinced otherwise. She said the TV set is only three years old. The image appears over the regular television picture.

"{The angel} has been wonderful," she said. "She loves children ... She's real beautiful, all rainbow colored. At times there is a golden halo and there is a white aura all around her.