Dancers and musicians of Moscow's Bolshoi Ballet took a break from their Los Angeles engagement earlier this week for a trip to America's favorite amusement park -- Disneyland.

The artists, wearing Mickey Mouse caps, ran to have their pictures taken with park employes dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Galina Ulanova, a 78-year-old ballet master of the troupe, said Mickey Mouse was a familiar childhood memory. Through an interpreter, she said that Monday's visit was her fourth to the amusement park. In an interesting comparison, Ulanova said, "Washington {D.C.} was not like this."

Cuomo's Troubles

It looks like New York Gov. Mario Cuomo isn't having such a great week. On Sunday, he said he needed to take out a loan to pay for his daughter's wedding. "I haven't taken out a loan in years," he said. Cuomo's daughter Maria, 25, plans to marry shoe designer Kenneth Cole in a small ceremony at the Executive Mansion in New York on Oct. 11.

And then on Monday, the governor found himself trapped in a Penn Plaza elevator along with his wife and 12 other people. It took rescue workers more than a half hour to free the group. Cuomo, who had just finished an interview with CNN's Larry King, didn't leave the scene unscathed. His left hand was injured when it was caught in the elevator doors.

I.F. Stone on Socrates

When gadfly and investigative journalist I.F. Stone took up the study of classical Greek in 1974, it seemed like a pleasant retirement hobby. Now he's 79 and his investigation of the death of Athenian gadfly Socrates has been picked as a main selection of the History Book Club and an alternate selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club.

"I set out to tell us the other side -- what Plato and Xenophon didn't tell us," Stone says. Titled "The Trial of Socrates," the book is due out in late January or early February.

Miss America on Margaret Thatcher

Miss America Kellye Cash delivered an analysis of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's performance in the work place that many of her contemporaries might disagree with. According to the beauty queen, Thatcher is "doing a wonderful job" but "is not trying to do everything that a man does," which Cash thinks is quite appropriate. A nonsupporter of the Equal Rights Amendment, Cash defends the misgivings that she, as a woman, has about "our physical endurance and how our emotions change every month."

Prince Edward Takes to the Stage

Prince Edward is on stage again, this time in Aberdeen, Scotland. Well suited for the role, the prince plays Prince Florizel in Shakespeare's play "The Winter's Tale," which opens there tonight for a four-night run.

Playing his love interest, a shepherdess, will be Hannah Welfare, a 17-year-old student at Scotland's Glasgow University. Welfare says she doesn't care whom she acts with "as long as they can act." Of their stage romance, she says, "We hug but we don't kiss."

Artistic director Charles Barron said he's expecting big audiences. "Prince Edward is a box-office draw," he said.