Lt. Col. Oliver North's penmanship suggests the highly decorated Marine is "a perfect soldier" but may be "emotionally unbalanced" and perhaps "very disturbed," according to handwriting expert Charles Hamilton. After close examination of a page from North's appointment book, Hamilton, who exposed the "Hitler diaries" as forgeries in 1983, concluded that North has a very cold personality and for him "people are like mathematical equations."

Hamilton said North's handwriting also shows he's a family man. The way North writes his g's, Hamilton said, indicates he's "not a philanderer ... He's no Gary Hart." In an interview with the New York Daily News earlier this week, Hamilton said North's handwriting suggests that while he may show toughness, courage and loyalty, he is devoid of warmth, charity, kindness or love.

Upward Bound in Beverly Hills

Comedian Eddie Murphy has come into even more money by extending his contract with Paramount Pictures. The former cast member of television's "Saturday Night Live" and star of such films as "Beverly Hills Cop", "48 Hrs." and "Trading Places" has tacked five more films onto his $15 million, five-movie deal signed in 1983. "I don't want to talk about money, but I got a raise," the 26-year-old comedian said.

To date, Murphy's films have earned a reported $632 million in domestic receipts alone. Under the extension, Murphy will make a third "Beverly Hills Cop." He also will be allowed to create projects with show biz pals like comedian Arsenio Hall and actors Robert Townsend and Paul Mooney. "We have a group of about 10 that I like to call 'the Black Pack,' " Murphy said. "We basically hang out together and bounce ideas off each other."

Royal Polo

Since Andrew and Sarah, the Duke and Duchess of York, want to attend the Rolex Challenge Cup polo match next month in Greenwich, Conn., the event has been changed from a public to a private affair. Organizers said attendance at the Sept. 19 match will be limited to about 500 to maintain security. Proceeds from the match and a $200-a-plate luncheon will benefit the World Wildlife Fund's Friends of the Masai Mara Project.

More Royal Horseplay Andrew's older sister, Princess Anne, is also riding into town, and steeplechase fans eager to watch her compete in an Oct. 23 fundraiser at Percy Warner Park in Nashville have bought out the 50 prime viewing boxes at $10,000 each. Organizers said the day-long event, known as the Royal Chase, is the first U.S. steeplechase in which a member of the royal family has been entered.

The princess will ride in the first race of the meet over a 2 1/2-mile flat course and will later present a trophy to the winner of the Queen Mother Supreme Novice Chase. Proceeds from the event will go to the Save the Children Fund. Other reserved and box-seat prices range from $500 to $1,500, while general admission for hillside viewing is $10.

The Jessica Hahn Mini-Series? Although the PTL ministry is still scrambling for money, Jessica Hahn, the church secretary whose 1980 tryst with former PTL leader Jim Bakker triggered his fall, is busy promoting her upcoming interview with Playboy magazine. Hahn also is considering an offer for a three-part TV mini-series depicting her role in the affair. Meanwhile, Bakker's wife Tammy Faye, who is cutting a gospel record in Nashville, says she is doing so because "when you know God, there's something bubbling up in your tummy."

Some Punching Advice for Sean Penn Heavyweight boxer turned actor Frankie Gio mailed some constructive criticism to actor Sean Penn earlier this week along with a punching bag he had shipped to the actor's cell. Penn, who is serving the remainder of his one-month prison sentence in the California mountains, received a note with the gift, which read: "Don't waste time. Read the manual and punch the bag three hours a day. You'll learn to throw them and also punch the frustrations out of your system. When they spring you, you'll kiss the paparazzi waiting at the gate."