Weddingbells will be ringing tomorrow for Assistant Attorney General William Bradford Reynolds when he ties the knot with Clare Matisans, a bookkeeper in the Arlington public school system. Those expected to attend the Arlington wedding include Reynolds' boss, Attorney General Edwin Meese III, CIA Director William Webster and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. It is the second marriage for Reynolds, who is divorced.

Madonna's Newest Fan

Although there are thousands of closet Madonna fans, French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac isn't one of them -- he's right out there in the open. "She is a beautiful woman and a great artist," Chirac said earlier this week to a group of young conservative supporters. Pleased with Chirac's confession, the group presented him with the singer's most recent album and bid him adieu to the tune of one of her hits in place of the French national anthem.

Today, Madonna is expected to attend Chirac's preconcert reception at Paris' city hall. A spokeswoman for Chirac said Madonna -- who arrived in Paris yesterday by private plane -- will present Chirac with an $83,000 donation for AIDS research before giving a concert for more than 100,000 fans at a suburban Paris park.

Madonna, who by the end of her "Who's That Girl" tour will have sung to 1.35 million fans in Japan, the United States and Europe, has sold an estimated 55 million records and is said to be worth $100 million.

Kirk Douglas' $18 Million Suit

Actor Kirk Douglas filed a $17.8 million breach of contract suit in New York yesterday against Sperry Corp. for firing him as corporate spokesman. Douglas said he was dismissed last November in violation of his contract after Sperry and Burroughs Corp. merged to become Unisys.

Douglas said that he had given "great effort and time far beyond the requirements of the contract." His "unilateral and unjustified termination" has "virtually eliminated any possibility of obtaining prestigious and rewarding contracts with any other major U.S. corporations," the suit said. Spokesmen for Unisys were unavailable for comment.

Taking Care of Business

It seems that celebrity divorce lawyer Marvin Mitchelson likes to keep busy. Just a few days after closing the lid on the Joan Collins-Peter Holm divorce trial, he is out looking for more work and looks like he may be diversifying his client pool. The day after he and the "Dynasty" star celebrated her formal split from the Swedish entrepreneur in Los Angeles, Mitchelson flew to New York and lunched at Nirvana Club One with three prospective male clients. Mitchelson, who has represented Carl Sagan, Richard Harris and Tony Curtis in divorce suits, said through a spokesman that his lunch mates Wednesday were a different breed: "None of them are celebrities; they're just multimillionaires who want to divorce their wives."

Dennis Quaid's Recording Career

Actors Don Johnson and Bruce Willis launched their own recording careers, so why can't actor Dennis Quaid? America's rising sex symbol and star of "Breaking Away," "The Right Stuff" and "The Big Easy" has written a song called "Caught in Your Backfire" and plans to fly to Austin, Tex., next month to record it with his favorite band, the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Chuck Conconi is on vacation.