It would be impossible to exhaust all the cliche's that might describe Mo tley Cru e's rock 'n' roll circus last night at the Capital Centre. Suffice it to say that Liberace would have blushed at the excessiveness of the Cru e's stage show. Not content with merely alluding to the extravagance and the sexual themes of heavy metal, the Cru e giddily threw it in the audience's face. There were lights, explosions, sirens and more lights. There were expletives, crude gestures, scantily clad females and more expletives. And somewhere in the show there was music.

Ah, the music. Although unimaginative and repetitious, Mo tley Cru e's vociferous mulch of power chords and choruses was nonetheless infectious. Lead singer Vince Neil, a David Lee Roth clone in both looks and leather-clad macho swagger, led the evening's debauchery with exhortations to sing along with grungy stompers like "Shout at the Devil" and "Girls, Girls, Girls." Lead guitarist Mick Mars displayed more electronic gimmicks than technique, and bassist Nikki Sixx was almost nonexistent musically, but collectively the Cru e provided an entertaining spectacle.

Whitesnake, a group made up of various members of Deep Purple, Vandenberg and Ozzy Osbourne's band, opened the show with less flash and theatrics and considerably more musical ability.