A mischievous French press has spent the past week speculating on whether Premier Jacques Chirac has developed a sudden appreciation for rock music or has merely discovered the benefits of the publicity that accompanies some rock musicians. Either way, the conservative politician appears to have made the most of a current tour of France by the singer and sometime-actress Madonna.

Among other things, Chirac facilitated arrangements for a concert by the singer in suburban Paris that drew 100,000 fans Saturday night, waved her latest album, "Who's That Girl?," before hundreds of applauding young members of his Gaullist Party, appeared on a rock radio station to announce a 50 percent cut in the sales tax on records and -- in his role as mayor of Paris -- threw a party for Madonna at City Hall.

Chirac gave the singer a hug and kiss at Friday's reception, where she promised to donate 500,000 francs (about $83,000) toward French AIDS research. He told her, in English, "Everybody likes you very, very much," to which she replied, "I like you, too."

Reagans' Condolences to Marvin Family

President and Mrs. Reagan have extended their sympathies to the family and friends of actor Lee Marvin. Marvin, 63, who won an Oscar for his role as a drunken gunfighter in the 1965 movie "Cat Ballou," died Saturday after a heart attack.

Marvin was famous for a variety of both good-guy and bad-guy roles, including cops and killers, cowboys and soldiers, in a career that spanned three decades. Ronald Reagan made his last movie, "The Killers," in 1964 with Marvin. The film, based on a Hemingway short story, was originally shot for television but was rejected as too violent and was released in theaters instead. Reagan played a brutal crime kingpin.

Penthouse's Jessica Hahn Story

Playboy may have outbid Penthouse magazine for Jessica Hahn's story about her liaison with former PTL evangelist Jim Bakker, but Penthouse may turn out to be the winner in the quest for lurid details after all. Playboy paid Hahn an undisclosed sum for a story that will go on sale Sept. 28. But Penthouse's version, written by Washington Post reporter Art Harris and replete with intimate details, will go on sale Sept. 2. Much of the detail in the Penthouse account is based on a 1985 affidavit signed by Hahn and obtained by the magazine in which she described the events of Dec. 6, 1980, the day she says she was taken to meet Bakker at a Florida hotel room for sex.

Services for Huston Today

Oscar-winning film director John Huston, who died Friday at age 81, will be buried today near the grave of his mother at Hollywood Memorial Park after a private funeral there. Huston's body was flown to Los Angeles late Friday, hours after he died at a seaside home he was renting in Rhode Island during filming of "Mr. North," directed by his son Danny and costarring his daughter Anjelica. Arrangements for a public memorial service were still incomplete yesterday, according to a source close to the family.

Buckley, Into the Depths of Controversy

Columnist and television host William F. Buckley will explore the Titanic with the Paris-based team that has been examining the sunken ocean liner. "There's really not much to it," Buckley said. "They invited me to go and so I accepted." Buckley was invited by the French team after he defended them in a column against charges that they have been grave-robbing the resting place of the 1,500 people who died when the giant ship hit an iceberg and sank in 1912. Buckley will fly to Newfoundland Sept. 5 and begin the 34-hour journey to the Titanic site. He will then accompany the researchers in their mini-sub Nautile on one of four dives. "I think it's going to be a fantastic experience," said the 61-year-old Buckley, "and it'll make a good book, too."

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