LOS ANGELES, AUG. 31 -- Dovie Beams de Villagran, the former starlet who claims to be the ex-mistress of ousted Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, pleaded not guilty today to charges that she lied to obtain $18 million in loans.

De Villagran, 55, and her husband Sergio Villagran, 51, both pleaded not guilty to bank fraud and bankruptcy fraud charges before U.S. District Judge Pamela Rymer. The judge set trial for Oct. 27.

The couple, who lived opulent life styles before declaring bankruptcy in February 1986 with debts of more than $24 million, are accused of overstating their financial worth to obtain loans from more than a dozen banks.

Federal prosecutors say the couple also concealed millions of dollars in assets from bankruptcy trustees that should have been declared for liquidation and repayment to their creditors.

De Villagran, who explicitly detailed a two-year affair with the former Philippine ruler in her book "Marcos' Lovey Dovie," and her husband have been in prison since their Aug. 26 indictment, unable to make bail.

A federal magistrate reduced their bail Friday from $250,000 each to $100,000, but their lawyers said they may not be able to raise the money in time for a weekend release.

The former starlet's lawyer, Rayford Fountain, said today he has raised $100,000 in cash from her family in Tennessee and Alabama and from friends in Pasadena, but he was still trying to have the bulk of the money wired from the East. He hoped to post it by Friday, he said.