REDONDO BEACH, CALIF., SEPT. 6 -- As a 31-year-old ex-marine started the second day of his 16-day attempt to dance into the record books today, fancy footwork gave way to painful patter.

"My legs are tight and the bottom of my back is starting to hurt," said J.C. Stare, an aspiring New York City actor who hopes to dance more than 375 hours and land in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The pain is only temporary, however.

"My body will get to a certain point where it can't hurt any more and I'll just get used to it," he said as a Stacy Q song played in the background at the hotel lobby where his marathon began at 10 a.m. Saturday.

The former waiter and marine, originally from York, Pa., will break the world record Sunday, Sept. 20, at about 10 p.m. -- if he is able to continue dancing 55 minutes each hour for the next 16 days. Stare said he holds the unofficial record of 375 hours, which he set last March in a benefit for a New York AIDS organization.

Stare said in a telephone interview Sunday he hopes his record attempt will draw attention to another AIDS-related cause.

"My purpose is to create a lot of awareness for the AIDS Walk Los Angeles," a fund-raising walkathon planned for Sept. 27 in Hollywood, Stare said.

To keep himself going, Stare chats with his audience, passing out entrance forms for the AIDS Walk. He has collected $175 in donations for the walkathon.

Boredom is avoidable during the day, but at night, when his audience is asleep, each step gets harder, Stare said.

"I keep thinking about how great it's going to feel when it's all over. I think I've got to keep going. It's only two weeks," Stare said.

Stare said he has broken the dance record four times. In 1984, Stare danced across the country for 340 hours to raise money for the Statue of Liberty Foundation, said Marje Bennetts, spokeswoman for Sheraton Hotels, which is sponsoring him.