Former senator Gary Hart, in his first televised interview since his withdrawal from the 1988 presidential campaign, will apologize for his actions and not reenter the race, CNN reports.

Hart is scheduled to appear tonight on ABC News' "Nightline" to discuss his plans. Hart abandoned the race in May after The Miami Herald broke a story that he spent a weekend with model Donna Rice while his wife was out of town.

Cable News Network, citing unnamed sources, reported Monday that Hart will announce he is not resuming his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination "when he appears tomorrow night on a television talk show."

CNN also said he will "apologize for his actions while he was still a candidate."

A spokesman at "Nightline" said it had not been told what Hart might say. "It hasn't happened yet," he said of the scheduled live interview by ABC News anchor Ted Koppel.

Hart campaign officials could not be reached for comment.

Last month, a remark by one of Hart's former campaign leaders ignited speculation that Hart would reenter the presidential race, and Hart cut short a vacation in Ireland and returned home. The prospect of such a campaign drew negative reaction from political observers.

Hart was the front-runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination when he withdrew his candidacy. He abruptly halted his campaign May 8, acknowledging it had been severely damaged by the May 3 newspaper report alleging he spent part of the previous weekend at his Washington home with Rice.

Hart denied there was any sexual relationship between himself and the Miami model, maintaining the two were just friends.