LEEDS,ENGLAND, SEPT. 16 -- Sir Rudolf Bing, the former head of New York's Metropolitan Opera, and his wife were put on the national missing persons list today after friends reported they hadn't seen the couple for three weeks.

Police in this northern English city said they have circulated descriptions of the Bings to all forces in the country.

Bing, 85, reportedly suffers from Alzheimer's disease, a brain disorder often causing loss of memory, and has disappeared several times since moving to Britain earlier this year.

A New York judge has ruled Bing incompetent to manage his $900,000 estate and has permitted a court-appointed conservator to begin proceedings to annul the former impresario's nine-month-old marriage to Lady Carroll Bing, 47.

Chris Barton, the Bings' lawyer, said he last saw the couple Aug. 25 at the Edinburgh Arts Festival. Since then, Barton said, the Bings had not been in touch with a friend who used to hear from them almost daily.

The lawyer said further that relatives of Carroll Bing had told him "things were looking good" in the court action.

"They did not specify what had happened, but it is very important that the couple contact us," Barton said. "The indication was that things are coming to a climax in the American courts."