Formany rock bands, there is a fine line between being influenced by the music of another band and cloning the group's sound. Tuesday night at the Bayou, Faster Pussycat proved that this distinction can sometimes be so fine as to be confusing. At times the California quintet sounded slightly like such blueprinted California metal bands as Mo tley Cru e and Poison. At other times, with their dentist-drill vocals and talk-box guitar, the 'cats sounded like a dirty needle stuck on an old Aerosmith record.

This Aerosmith aural mirror spewed from their guitars and throats so often that one almost thought they were playing Aerosmith songs. The appropriately titled "Don't Change That Song" vibrated with the same carnal guitar-bass-drum pump that made "Walk This Way" a '70s hip-hop hard rock classic. The Pussycats occasionally made the foray into commercial rock, and the melody in "Shoot Me Down" and the almost-pop "No Room for Emotion" proved they can write rock tunes that allow metal fans to grit their teeth and smile at the same time.

The Factory opened the show with a grinding yet bouncy blend of glam, punk, metal and Stones-like rhythm and blues.