CHARLOTTE, N.C., SEPT. 21 -- Jessica Hahn, whose 1980 sexual tryst with evangelist Jim Bakker led to his abdication of the PTL television empire, testified nearly four hours before a federal grand jury yesterday and was ordered to return Tuesday for further questioning.

Hahn, 28, of West Babylon, N.Y., wearing a white blouse, blue suit, matching shoes and a string of pearls, walked out of the jury room when it recessed for lunch at 12:10. She refused to say what she told the grand jury, but her testimony was expected to focus on the one-time affair and subsequent hush money payments.

"I'm just really drained," Hahn said. "I'm really tired. I'm being as truthful as I can. Whether this is important, that's really for the grand jury to decide."

Earlier, New York lawyer Dominic Barbara told reporters Hahn was angry at name-calling by Bakker's celebrity lawyer Melvin Belli, who described her as "brazen."

"Jessica just can't understand why Reverend Bakker or Mr. Belli would want to keep making comments," Barbara said. "It seems to me that, representing the Bakkers, when Jim Bakker has admitted what happened in that room, the best comment would be silence."

Hahn was the first witness scheduled before the grand jury.

Belli, 80, also accused the grand jury of being Peeping Toms interested only in finding out what happened between Hahn and Bakker in the Clearwater, Fla., hotel room in 1980. In a telephone interview, he characterized PTL Chairman Jerry Falwell as a hypocrite.

The 23-member federal grand jury is investigating allegations that PTL raised money for one purpose and spent it for another -- including possibly paying Hahn $265,000 to hush up her tryst with Bakker.

Barbara told reporters that Hahn would have a statement after her testimony, which he said was more likely to focus on the hush money payments than on what happened during the encounter with Bakker.

"I believe Jessica's testimony today will be more having to do with the settlement and the payments than what happened back in 1980 in the hotel room," Barbara said.

He said Hahn does not plan to make any claims against the PTL ministry, which is currently under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. "Jessica is positive she does not want to do that," Barbara said.

On Hahn's arrival Sunday night in Charlotte, she had little to say about topless photographs of her in Playboy magazine, to be released this week.

"Once you've read the story you'll understand the pictures," she said. "That's all I have to say."

But Belli said Sunday that Hahn's decision to pose topless for Playboy magazine had discredited her and "shows she is not as innocent as she claims."

"If anybody is innocent, it is Jimmy {Bakker}. The big story is this girl is so brazen in proclaiming her innocence," Belli said from San Francisco.

The return of Bakker to PTL is the only hope for the survival of the ministry, Belli said. He added that Falwell's recent threat to resign if the PTL board becomes stacked with Bakker supporters is meaningless because the bankruptcy court is about to restore the PTL empire to Bakker anyway.

Falwell said Sunday that he did not care to respond to Belli's comments, saying, "Neither the content of what was said nor the person who said it is worthy of reply."