LONDON, SEPT. 23 -- A luxury 1933 Chrysler sedan apparently shipped to Britain by Al Capone's gang to serve as his car if they succeeded in freeing him from prison was sold at auction today for $51,000, Bonhams auction house said.

An undisclosed company, which plans on using the car for promotions, bought the luxury Chrysler Six Sedan for more than double the expected price, Bonhams spokesman Mike Chapman said.

He declined to disclose the seller.

"There was tremendous interest and we had three bidders on the telephone in addition to the bidders present at the auction," Chapman said.

"I think the new film helped increase interest even more," he said, referring to the movie "The Untouchables," about the team of treasury agents that brought Capone to justice.

"Of course, Capone never saw the car but the story behind it is fascinating," Chapman said.

Chapman said the car, with its original whitewall tires and electric trumpet horns, apparently was purchased by Capone's gang and brought to Britain as part of a fleet of cars sent by his cronies to France, New Zealand and Canada to provide him transportation wherever he chose to flee.

When sold today, it had 18,653 miles on the odometer.

Capone was imprisoned for 11 years in 1931 after being convicted on charges of tax evasion.