CHARLOTTE,N.C., SEPT. 24 -- The defrocked preacher who set up the fateful meeting of Jim Bakker and Jessica Hahn arrived in a purple Cadillac today to appear before a federal grand jury investigating the PTL television ministry.

John Wesley Fletcher, an itinerant evangelist from Oklahoma City, paid Hahn's air fare from New York to Florida to meet Bakker in 1980, thus launching the tryst that led to Bakker's resignation in disgrace from PTL.

Fletcher, 47, arrived at the U.S. District Court with two lawyers. Fletcher stared straight ahead and said nothing as he entered the courthouse, but later Charlotte attorney Allen Bailey told reporters he expected the grand jury to ask his client what happened between Bakker and Hahn in a Florida motel room.

Bailey said Fletcher was subpoenaed two weeks ago.

The grand jury is believed to be investigating violations of the Internal Revenue Service code and whether contributions to PTL were raised for one purpose but used for another -- including whether ministry funds were used to pay $265,000 in hush money to Hahn.

Although Fletcher's role in the PTL scandal was primarily related to the alleged sexual exploitation of Hahn, the grand jury may want to question him about whether he had told former PTL president Richard Dortch about the affair before Dortch joined PTL.

Dortch, 54, was an Assemblies of God superintendent in Illinois when the charismatic church defrocked Fletcher for alcoholism in 1981. It was Dortch who negotiated the settlement with Hahn.

Hahn, in an interview with Playboy magazine, has alleged she was raped by both Bakker and Fletcher, a former Durham, N.C., cab driver and part-time Assemblies of God minister. Bakker called the incident a "one-time sexual encounter." Fletcher denied the allegation.

Hahn testified before the grand jury Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, Hahn's mother, in Massapequa, N.Y., said her daughter is acting like a "bimbo" for posing topless for Playboy, and that her teen-age son is being kept from school because he keeps getting into fights with taunting students.

Hahn, who in the magazine also tells the story of her sexual encounter with fallen evangelist Jim Bakker, has shocked and embarrassed her family, her mother Jessica Moylan told reporters Wednesday at her Long Island home.

She said she had not talked with her daughter since a phone conversation after she read a newspaper article about the Playboy article.

"I screamed at her," Moylan said. "She told me, 'I thought you knew.'

"Now she's afraid talk to me. She knows that if I get my hands on her I'll spank her bottom."

In the Playboy article, Hahn insisted that she is "not a bimbo."

"Nobody has to tell me that my daughter's not a bimbo, but she is acting like one," Moylan said.

She said her 16-year-old son Danny has been in several fights at Massapequa High School because of the Playboy article.

"I'm going to keep Danny home from school ... He loves his sister and thinks he's got to defend her every time somebody makes a remark," she said. "He's liable to get hurt.

"This is why I don't understand why she did it," Moylan said. "She knows it hurts him the most."

Moylan said that when she and her husband Ed first saw the layout "we couldn't say anything to each other for 12 hours."

She said her husband, a veteran police officer who is recovering from a stroke, "just went into another room and sat by himself, staring."

"He doesn't want to go anywhere now," she said. "He's afraid that somebody will say something about Jessica and he'll have to punch them out."

Jessica Moylan, who has two older children, married Ed Moylan when her daughter Jessica was 2 years old.

She said the family had cooperated with Playboy and provided family snapshots because she was told "they were going to do a very tasteful family-type layout.

"Some taste. Now I'm the only housewife on my block who's in Playboy, but at least I kept my clothes on."