In a week when Jessica Hahn began promoting her appearance in Playboy and her version of events surrounding a 1980 sexual encounter with televangelist Jim Bakker, questions have been raised about the credibility of the ex-church secretary whose revelations toppled a multimillion dollar TV pulpit.

Some of the questions, which focus on Hahn's alleged sexual experience, seem curiously Victorian. But Hahn's public testimony -- indeed what has made her a national celebrity -- is an assertion that she was Jim Bakker's victim -- deflowered by the leader of the PTL television ministry and then forced to have sex in a Clearwater Beach, Fla., motel with a second evangelist, John Wesley Fletcher.

"They took from me what should have been for somebody I loved," she said in the November issue of Playboy, which paid the 28-year-old Hahn a reported $1 million for the interview and seminude photographs. "They took from me that first experience -- that first time when you love somebody and it's everything good . . . They stole that from me."

But a flurry of recent accounts is chipping away at Hahn's self-portrait as a wide-eyed naif. Former church acquaintances and coworkers have painted a darker, secret portrait of the woman New York tabloids are now touting as "the Bible belle."

According to news accounts, Hahn lived a lavish life style and wore expensive, provocative clothes that were out of character for an $80-a-week church secretary in the Full Gospel Tabernacle church of the Rev. Eugene Profeta, a Long Island preacher.

Profeta, along with Hahn, is reportedly under investigation by a New York state grand jury. Sources say investigators are probing whether church funds were used for personal expenditures -- not unlike a larger federal probe into the PTL under Jim Bakker. Bakker stepped down in March from the ministry amid reports that $265,000 in hush money had been paid to silence Hahn.

Profeta has refused comment. In a telephone interview yesterday with The Washington Post, Hahn dismissed the reports about her prior life as "rumors" being spread by "a bunch of nobodies" jealous of her recent financial success.

"People are just unhappy that I'm happy," said Hahn. "I have no regrets. I was well aware that when I agreed to do the Playboy interview, people were going to come out of the woodwork wanting to get their names in the paper. They're a bunch of nobodies. I want to get on with my life . . . I spent too many years hurting. No one -- no one is going to bring me down."

Hahn was particularly incensed about an account by Rocco Riccobono, 35, that he had had a brief affair with Hahn more than a year before the episode with Bakker. Riccobono, an electrician, is a former member of Hahn's church in Massapequa, N.Y.

Contacted by The Washington Post over several weeks, Riccobono said his fling with Hahn was in 1978. Hahn, then 18, had recently been hired as a church secretary and was visiting the apartment of a friend. After his pregnant wife fell asleep in a bedroom, Riccobono said, he plopped down in front of a fire where Hahn "seduced me on the couch." Riccobono said, "I didn't resist. I couldn't help it, my flesh is weak . . . I was with Jessica several times."

"When I read she was saying she was a virgin, I flipped out," says Riccobono. "She's a manipulator, but that's Jessica. I feel sorry for Jim Bakker."

Yesterday, when asked about Riccobono's story, Hahn said, "I deny that ever happened. It's a lie. I had absolutely nothing to do with Rocky Riccobono . . . I spent all my time ministering to people. That was the most important thing. My job was to pray for people, to help the pastor."

Riccobono's story comes in the wake of a New York Post story quoting two others -- a 34-year-old musician, Barry Hawkins, and Dinh (Tony) Nguyen, 22, a Vietnamese refugee -- who said they were Hahn's lovers after the affair with Bakker. Hahn has called these statements false.

These accounts of Hahn's earlier life have given aid and comfort to the one person who has been most damaged by her story -- Jim Bakker. When the disclosure about his tryst with Hahn was revealed last March, Bakker said the sexual episode was designed to make his wife jealous. He asserted he was set up and later described Hahn to a confidant as a temptress who "knew every trick in the book."

"I stand behind my previous statements regarding Miss Hahn," Bakker said in a statement issued through his lawyer yesterday. But Bakker's lawyer Jim Toms said the televangelist did not want to comment further. "He is regretful of the predicament she {Hahn} is in, even though it is a self-inflicted wound. He desires for her forgiveness and restoration to Christian fellowship as he has sought himself."

Robert Scheer, a veteran Los Angeles Times reporter who conducted the Playboy interview along with the magazine's executive editor, G. Barry Golson, said yesterday that he had found Hahn's account in the interview "credible . . . I thought it held up." But he said he does not know what to make of the new stories about Hahn. He emphasized that his interview "was not an investigative piece.

"I've been fooled by President Reagan, so I guess I could be fooled by Jessica Hahn," said Scheer.

In interviews last June, Hahn said she was paid "damages" by PTL only after repeated requests for help were spurned. She said Profeta introduced her to Paul Roper, a California businessman, who subsequently negotiated a settlement with PTL in exchange for her silence about an episode that she said had traumatized her.

However, former coworkers now say she returned to work from her 1980 weekend in Florida with Bakker and told friends at church she'd "had a great time," says a former secretary who worked with Hahn for five years. In fact, said the secretary, who asked that her name not be used, Hahn had "bragged" about spending a previous weekend in New York at a hotel with Fletcher, whom she had met as a 14-year-old baby sitter for his children.

"She made it obvious she had had sex with Fletcher and had had a very good time with him," said the former coworker. "She never said anything about Jim Bakker 'raping' her."

Friends say Hahn's desk was an oasis for visiting preachers, their elbows propped on her desk for hours. Flowers arrived mysteriously.

Profeta has been portrayed as a colorful clergyman who flies his own plane, drives expensive cars and wears a mink coat. "He didn't hide {his life style}," said the Rev. James Graziano, pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church of God in West Babylon, six blocks from Hahn's home. "He was flamboyant."

Hahn was considered devoted to her boss. Former church employes say Hahn was eager to protect her relationship with Profeta, often denigrating other women in the office. Once, a colleague says, she exploded in a rage after he went out for lunch without telling her. She says they watched her scream and repeatedly kick his door, fling a tape recorder against a wall, then kick it to pieces.

Hahn's mother, referring to the Playboy photographs, said her daughter acted like a "bimbo."

Former acquaintances say they have been amused by Hahn's media performance. "I watched her on Donahue and remember laughing hysterically," said a former church worker who has taped all her performances. "She plays the role, 'poor little Jessica. . .' I've got everything on tape. She's fooled a lot of people."

Raised Catholic, Hahn volunteered to work at the church during her teen-age years at Massapequa High. She found the charismatic worship more to her liking, wound up cleaning toilets and sweeping the halls there as a volunteer, then signed on as a secretary after graduation in 1977. Profeta and his wife Glenda virtually adopted her as their own, say friends. Hahn also had a generous side, helping friends in need with money, or a kind word, friends have said.

But friends also describe her as someone who blossomed from a chubby teen-ager into a sophisticated woman.

Riccobono's ex-wife also worked as a secretary for Profeta, the pastor who married the Riccobonos in 1977. Hahn was a frequent guest in the newlyweds' Flessing apartment.

"I used to invite Jessica over to the house and she would always flirt with Rocco," said his ex-wife, who also said that Riccobono confessed to her his liaison with Hahn. "I didn't think it was to go to bed with him. It was just very cute. She was like that with a lot of men. She had cute names for him, like 'Rocket.' We used to go to parties together."