D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert Richter yesterday dismissed a $2 million libel suit against Gannett Co. Chairman Allen Neuharth that was brought by Rosamunda Neuharth-Moore, who claims to be his illegitimate daughter. The woman alleged in her suit that she suffered emotional distress when Neuharth denied he was her father.

Neuharth, the founder of USA Today, has been through a series of legal battles with Neuharth-Moore and her mother Betty Moore. Last year, a paternity suit brought against him was dismissed because Neuharth-Moore had passed the age of 21. From shortly after her birth in 1963 until her 21st birthday, Neuharth paid Neuharth-Moore $100 monthly in support -- payments he said he agreed to in an effort to "satisfy the nuisance settlement" with the mother. Neuharth has acknowledged meeting Betty Moore 24 years ago, but he denied ever having a sexual relationship with her. Moore says they did have an affair and that Neuharth dropped her when he learned she was pregnant. Moore, who lives in France, has since published a book entitled, "How to Market Yourself to Get a Rich Man." In dismissing the suit, Judge Richter determined that Neuharth's statements in denying the paternity were not defamatory. Barry Joins Antiapartheid Campaign Mayor Marion Barry joined comedian Bill Cosby and the mayors of seven other cities in Monday in New York to kick off a campaign to "Unlock Apartheid's Jails" and free more than 30,000 people in South African prisons. At a news conference, New York Mayor Edward Koch called the white South African government the heirs of the Nazis. Barry said Washington had joined with other cities in "implementing laws which prohibit the investment of millions of dollars in public funds in financial institutions and companies making loans to or doing business with South Africa or Namibia."

Cosby is honorary chairman of the campaign, which was initiated by a group called the Africa Fund. Yesterday, he collected symbolic keys from the mayors, which, along with keys from a number of synagogues and churches, are to be delivered to the South African Consulate in New York with a plea for the release of antiapartheid activists. Cosby noted that many of those in prison are children and referred to South African officials as "masochists" and "sadistic."

Out and About Hospital Report: Alf Landon, the grand old man of the Grand Old Party who was resoundingly beaten by Franklin Roosevelt when he ran for president in 1936, was admitted to a hospital Monday in Topeka, Kan. Landon, who celebrated his 100th birthday Sept. 9, is undergoing tests after complaining of abdominal pains apparently caused by gallstones. His vital signs are reported to be normal, but it was unclear how long he'll be hospitalized. An aide to Sen. Nancy Kassebaum, Landon's daughter, said Kassebaum was concerned and added: "When you're 100 years old, I think they take every precaution" ... Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles yesterday, suffering from a prescription-drug overdose. The 44-year-old publisher is listed in stable condition. Flynt, the Kentucky farm boy who used sleazy sex as his Horatio Alger formula to a multimillion-dollar empire, was treated in the hospital emergency room. His daughter Lisa told police the overdose was an accident. Flynt's fourth wife, Althea, 33, had AIDS-related complex and was found dead in a bathtub June 27 at the couple's L.A. mansion. She had a history of drug abuse and had been ill for some time ...