FORT MILL, S.C -- . PTL's third leader in seven months called yesterday for an end to fighting over the bankrupt television ministry and ruled out the return of founders Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker for at least five years.

PTL interim manager William E.S. Robinson told viewers of "The PTL Club" television program that a reorganization plan to salvage the ministry would be filed within 10 days and it would place PTL in the hands of its major contributors and not the Bakkers.

"The plan does not call for the return of the Bakkers," Robinson said. "I cannot foresee that the Bakkers would return as long as the court has jurisdiction. I think 60 months or five years will be the earliest that I would be comfortable telling anyone we could make the park {Heritage USA} debt-free."

Robinson said he was appointed by a federal bankruptcy judge to "shepherd the assets of the ministry" until a full-time trustee can be found. Robinson asked the Rev. Sam Johnson, pastor of PTL's Heritage Village Church, to serve as the new spiritual head of the PTL ministry. Johnson, now acting host of the daily television show, said the "charismatic ministry will continue unabated."

Robinson's appointment, announced Monday, followed last week's sudden resignation of the Rev. Jerry Falwell and other members of the PTL board of directors and senior management officials.

A lawyer for Bakker applauded Robinson's appointment but said no one could accurately "predict a timetable" for the leadership at PTL.

"Mr. Bakker will have to have a substantial period of rehabilitation with the church and with the creditors and others before he can return," said attorney Jim Toms of Hendersonville, N.C.

Bakker meanwhile has returned here to be with his father Raleigh Bakker, 81, who was hospitalized Sunday. Bakker resigned from PTL March 19 and turned the ministry over to Falwell after confessing to a sexual encounter with church secretary Jessica Hahn.