FORTMILL, S.C. -- PTL founders Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker will take their gospel of prosperity, their children and the "inspirational dancing waters" on a 25-city barnstorming "Farewell for Now" tour next month.

Attorney Jim Toms said the tour will feature singing by Tammy Faye and daughter Tammy Sue, 17, Jim emceeing and "sharing from his heart," and 11-year-old son Jamie Charles providing general assistance.

The show, which opens Nov. 17 in Nashville, will be a two-hour variety production with the Rich Cook Orchestra and Singers, Jesse Dixon, LuLu Roman and Howard McCrary. "The dancing waters are sort of a waterfall with lights shining on it; apparently it is supposed to make people feel good looking at it," said Toms.

The tour was inspired by the Bakkers' sagging finances. Jim Bakker said recently that the couple, who drew millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses from PTL before Bakker quit in a sex scandal in March, were living off the sale of their California mansion.

The family was reported en route to California yesterday.

The Bakkers took a "spur-of-the-moment" tour of the ministry's Heritage USA retreat in Fort Mill, S.C., about 10 p.m. Tuesday. "I left the people something beautiful, I think," Bakker told reporters during his visit. "They've got to come and see this."

PTL officials learned of the visit after the Bakkers were on the grounds but said they did not mind.

"I think he was saying goodbye," said PTL spokesman Don Hardister, who worked for Bakker for 11 years.