ALL THIS MONTH the Dance Place has devoted itself to the Japan-America Dance Project, performances and workshops examining the work of Japanese-born choreographers living in this country. This weekend the Project, cosponsored by the Japan-America Society, wraps up with a look at the work of the wife-and-husband team of Eiko & Koma.

Raised in postwar Japan, they were studying law and political science, but soon became involved in the Japanese avant-garde theater movement of the '60s. They first appeared in the United States in 1976 and, since that time have co-created and performed a string of startlingly intense and uninhibited works that speak of natural phenomena, human relationships, nuclear devastation and other weighty subjects. Often appearing naked but for a coating of white flour, they approach each other, clamp together then separate like insects or cells under a microscope.

Eiko's pregnant, so the couple will not be performing live. Three of their mesmerizing dances, "Tentacle," "Bone Dream" and "Lament," will be seen on film, and their "Broken Pieces" will be presented by the excellent New York company, CODANCECO.

Koma will be on hand to discuss these works with the audience.


Saturday (8:30) and Sunday (7:30) at the Dance Place, 3225 Eighth St. NE. Tickets, $8; $5 for students and seniors. 269-1600.