REDSKINS QUARTERBACK Jay Schroeder has to stay in shape all year as well as maintain peak condition during the season, strike or no strike. Here's Schroeder's typical training day:


WEIGHTS -- (3 times a week). A combination of Nautilus and free weights, and manual resistance. (See explanation).

CARDIOVASCULAR -- (3 times a week). Treadmill: 2 1/2 miles, 20-25 mins.

STRETCHING -- manual resistance.


WEIGHTS -- Only lower-body conditioning. Leg combination: squats, hamstring curls, leg extension.

STRETCHING -- Throwing arm: hangs from a bar to stretch his upper body, especially the shoulders (omitted during recovery from injury).

TONING -- Situps (3 times a week).

PRACTICE -- two hours a day.


BREAKFAST -- scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, lots of fruit, and toast. At stadium, does warmups followed by a shower and 20 minutes of stretching exercises as game time approaches.

Schroeder doesn't follow any particular diet but tries to eat balanced meals and takes vitamin supplements.

Schroeder does a lot of stretching and strengthening by manual resistance (a "partner" workout) with strength coach Dan Riley. By using a partner you can maximize your stretch without bouncing or jerking. Like a weight machine, your partner provides you with resistance -- and gets a workout at the same time.


Here are two good partner exercises, one for shoulder flexibility and the other to strengthen the hamstrings. Grab a partner and let's get going!

SHOULDER STRETCH -- Sit on the floor, legs extended comfortably in front of you, back straight. Lace your fingers behind your neck and extend your elbows out to the sides. Have your partner stand behind you and press your elbows back gently with his or her palms, as far as is comfortable for you. Hold for 15 seconds. (I like my partner to place a knee between my shoulder blades, for extra support and stability). Have your partner release you slowly. Here's the fun part: Have your partner give you a mini shoulder message for 10 seconds. Switch roles and repeat.

LEG CURLS -- Lie on your stomach, preferably on a carpet or mat, your chin resting on your arms, with a folded towel under your knees. Have your partner kneel beside you and grasp your ankles. Bend your legs slowly, bringing your heels toward your buttocks, feet flexed, legs 6 to 8 inches apart, as your partner provides resistance. Lower your legs slowly while your partner continues to maintain resistance. Continue for 30 seconds, being careful not to let your partner exert more pressure than is comfortable for you. Keep your hips flat on the floor and your spine straight -- don't arch. Switch roles and repeat.

Keep it up.