THEY MAY NEVER win any awards for their music (besides platinum records), but the prize for Longest Group Name almost certainly goes to Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force.

On the second LP, "Spanish Fly," Lisa Lisa provides the face and the voice, but Full Force is the real force behind this ear-catching pop/hip-hop trifle -- the six-man funk outfit wrote, arranged, produced the 10 tracks, and "duet" with L-L on the soggy new single "Someone to Love Me for Me."

As a singer, Lisa Lisa is extraordinarily ordinary, which may account for her popularity (she's scored two No. 1 singles this year). With her artless, slightly nasal, high-pitched voice, Lisa Lisa could be any teen singing in front of her bedroom mirror -- and any girl can fantasize she's Lisa Lisa. (In fact, that's exactly what's happening, as pop producers scour the shopping malls for photogenic peer-group bait like Debbie Gibson and Shanice.)

Obviously patterning herself after Diana Ross, another thin-voiced but successful siren, Lisa Lisa sounds more assured -- even seductive -- here, never more than when she purrs "Hit the beat now" at the beginning of the irresistible '60s pastiche "Lost in Emotion." Cult Jam, which consists of keyboardist Spanador and percussionist Mike Hughes, plays the Supremes to Lisa Lisa's Diana Ross.

Full Force provides the sugar-coated hip-hop beats, and prove themselves decent pop songwriters. They even find clever ways to work in the titles of past Lisa Lisa hits, sneaking in an answer to her first hit "I Wonder If I Take You Home" into "Everything Will B-Fine" (which features an intriguingly off-center beat); and there's a sly mention of "All Cried Out" in "A Face in the Crowd."

LISA LISA AND CULT JAM -- "Spanish Fly" (Columbia 40477). Appearing with Expose' Saturday at DAR Constitution Hall.